Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Toddler Wednesday

The first Wednesday of every month the Boise Art Museum hosts "Toddler Wednesday" from 10 to 12. They pick an exhibit and try to let the kids do an art project that correlates with the chosen exhibit. When I worked for the museum I loved watching all the cute little toddlers waddle in, and couldn't wait to bring Tralee back to experience it for herself. Today was the perfect day to do so. Tralee is feeling better, and I wanted to get myself and Tralee out of the house. So this morning we went to Tralee's first Toddler Wednesday. It was fun to see some of my old co-workers, do an art project with Tralee, play in the Children's Art Gallery, and walk through the rest of the museum again. There were some really spectacular exhibits. They had some nice pieces out from the permanent collection, and a cool model boat looking exhibit. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the artists, but I enjoyed what I saw. I could just look, and not read about the artist, because I had a wiggly toddler to look after. But, we both had fun. Tralee drew a picture on canvas using soft acrylic crayons. She thought the crayons were tasty too. I didn't love that she wanted to eat them, but she wants to taste EVERYTHING!
After we finished at the museum, I took Tralee out to Julia Davis Park and let her wander around. She LOVED it. There were some older kids running around, and as soon as I set her down Tralee took off after them, never turning around to check with me. She just wanted in on the action. She kept yelling and laughing as she ran around. It was pretty cute! I packed a snack and some juice, so we sat in the rose garden for a bit, and ate our snack. Then we left for home. Tralee fell asleep on the way back. It was a nice morning activity.

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