Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving and *FREE* Christmas Printables - HOORAY!

Usually I have a rule around my house that there is to be absolutely NO Christmas decor, music, or talk until AFTER Thanksgiving.  It makes me a little sad that Thanksgiving sometimes gets the shaft, with Christmas constantly peeking over its shoulder asking, "Is it my turn yet?"  Be patient Christmas, your time is coming (and it will be lovely), but lets let Thanksgiving have its turn!

I'm grateful for Thanksgiving, and I never want it to be overlooked or forgotten in this house.  I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving to deck my halls for Christmas.  That's when my Indie Christmas station is played on Pandora, when I make hot chocolate, when the tree goes up, and when I introduce my new Christmas printables on the blog.  

However, this year Thanksgiving is a little later on the calendar, and although my Thanksgiving/Fall decor is still up, I've broken my no-Christmas-music-until-after-Thanksgiving-rule once or twice.  I've also made some new Christmas printables, in prep for the next holiday.  Since I anticipate myself busily hanging stockings with care this upcoming Friday -- instead of blogging -- I thought I'd share my free Christmas printables a little early as well.

Forgive me Thanksgiving.  I haven't forgotten you, but Christmas is coming, and I want to be prepared.  
So, go forth and print my friends. . . maybe just wait to decorate with these bad boys until after your Turkey is stuffed.

Click on the images to be taken to the download page.  The first three printables are 16x20s (can also be used as 8x10s).  The last image is a Christmas banner I made for my adorable sister-in-law.  She designed it, and I thought it was so adorable, it should be shared!  The image will take you to the folder that contains the 10 pages to download in order to print and make the banner.

For the last two years of FREE Christmas printables, click here and here.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Merry Little Christmas Printable

Hi Friends.  Here's my latest Etsy printable - available in two styles.  

Just click on the photo if you would like to be taken to my Etsy shop. 

I'll be working on some *FREE* printables for the blog soon!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kitchen Art

Guys, holy crap I've been busy.  

No time to blog, and I have stories to tell.  It's a little frustrating, but as priorities go, updating the blog has been kind of low on the totem poll.  I'll get with it again. . . probable after the holidays.  Maybe I'll be graced with a day with nothing on the schedule soon, in which case I'll probably watch six seasons of a show on Netflix, read an entire book in one day, catch up on my To Do list (blogging included).

Until then, let me share my latest Etsy designs with you.  I had a customer ask for a custom order of three kitchen art prints, and then I decided to up it to SIX digital printables that would look adorable in any kitchen.  Colors are also customizable.  I actually have a blank piece of wall in my kitchen area I might want to hang these as 5x7s or something. . . hmmmm.  Possibilities!! 

Here they are, in two color variations.  Just click on the image if you want to go to my Etsy shop and check them out there.

   So. . . those are my latest designs.

Hopefully I'll be able to update the blog on our lives soon, because we're just so exciting.  :)

Have a delightful day!

Update 04-02-2014

Hey guys, these kitchen printables have been popular.  So popular in fact, I've had numerous custom requests.  Want to take a look at some of the other color combos I've done?  Well, look no further!  Some of them are pictured below.  If you want any of them for your own kitchen (or have any other color scheme in mind), just go to my Etsy shop and request them, I'll love it if you do!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Printables

Hi y'all!  Anyone still have their Halloween decor up?  I do.  I think I might tackle that today.  I'm going to miss it.  I really love Halloween.  Sigh.  To cheer myself up, I made some new Thanksgiving printables to replace the Halloween ones.  I even tried my hand at a Thanksgiving banner.  I think it turned out pretty cute!  Also, as the season of giving, sharing, and all that good stuff approaches, I thought it only apropos to share my new printables with my Internet friends.  

So. . . please enjoy a generous helping of free printables from my home to yours!

I set up a link for each image.  Simply click on the image you would like to print/download.  This will take you to the download page.  Hopefully this will make downloading and printing these images a bit easier.  Each image is sized for 16x20 and/or 8x10.  Feel free to send these printable to place like Costco, or for the 8x10, just print from home, trim the image, and pop it in a frame for some instant cute Thanksgiving decor!

The banner (pictured below) comes in three separate printables.  Download each image, print them out (the dimensions fit standard computer paper (8.5x11), although I printed mine on card stock.  Once they're printed out, cut out the squares, make holes to navigate string through (I used a typical hole-punch), string through your yarn, thread, rope, or whatever you're using, and then hang up your banner!  

Also, I used hearts (as pictured), but I also have pumpkins and leaves for you to choose from.


This is how it looks when all is said and done!

Lastly, here's a printable I made for my Etsy shop.  If you like it, just click on the image and it will take you to my shop.

Here's what it looks like at my place:

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!