Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Office Birthday Party

Tralee asked for a The Office themed party for her 13th birthday. One thing about my kids getting older is their appreciation for entertainment I favor. It's actually quite fun, so when my teen asked for this particular party to celebrate her birthday, I was all too happy to oblige. I think it turned out pretty cute, considering we put it together in less than a week. Here's short video of what we did:

Our first order of business was coming up with an invite. All we did was find a Dunder Mifflin logo online, drag and drop it onto a pages/word document and select an office looking font for the verbiage. I removed our actual address for blog purposes. 

We wanted to get decor items next. We wanted it to look like Jim and Dwight were the party planning committee for Tralee's birthday. We found this kit below on Amazon and it was exactly what we were looking for! Beer me some perfect decor please! Click the picture below to find it on Amazon.

Here's what it looked like when we got it all up. So funny!

We also wanted to hand out some party favors, so we decided to have a Dundie Award Ceremony at the end of the party and give everyone their own Dundie. Tralee awarded people things that they accomplished during the party like the award for wearing "The blackest shirt" or "the most sentimental gift giver." It was pretty funny! We went with these awards for the Dundies. They come in a set of 12. Click on photo to find them on Amazon:

We also had a table with The Office stickers that we encouraged everyone to take at least a few. Since decorating Hydro Flasks, phone cases, computers, and school binders with stickers is totally legit right now, we didn't have any trouble getting rid of these:
These are also good:

As for the food and other decor, we had a lot of fun coming up with ideas! Pictures and free prints below.

We found the simplest white sheet cake at Walmart, removed the one flower that was on it, and used pink icing for the letters. We couldn't find a red chiclet for the center, so we went with a red starburst instead. 
 More food ideas below:

 We also ordered pizza, printed and put this logo on the pizza boxes:

We had this on the front door when the kids walked in:
This in the bathroom:

And this on our storage closet in the basement:
For food labels and prints like this the photos below or this link for a FREE DOWNLOAD of our The Office Party prints.

It will take you to a Box zip file with the prints we made for the party. All of them are sized 8x10.

I hope this helps you plan your own The Office party! It was seriously so fun to put together and really easy too!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Donut Worry - New Kitchen Prints Available Now!!

I've created some adorable new prints for my Etsy shop. They would look so cute in a kitchen, playroom, classroom, restaurant, or anywhere really! I love them so much! Go check them out here!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Watercolor Kitchen Art

I just made some new digital kitchen art prints for my Etsy shop. I actually hand painted these all first, uploaded the art to my computer and finished editing them there. It was quite the process, but I'm kind of digging the final result. 

There are 14 available now, and I'm still working on some more. I forgot how much I love to paint! 

Watercolor kitchen prints available here:

Get these and other digital prints here and here.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Clover Turns Two!

Our Clover Valentine turned two on July 26. We took her and some friends and family up into the mountains and had a little party. It was a fun night celebrating our precocious two year old!