Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finally -- Jim had to deal with it!!

Jim took the kids out with him last night.  I opted to stay home, pick up, and enjoy some time to myself.  I think I made the right choice, keep reading to find out why.

On their outing Jim took the kids for frozen yogurt at our usual fro-yo destination, and then to a neighboring thrift store to peruse one man's junk.  While walking the isles together a rather corpulent lady happened upon my trio.  Hunter trailed behind Jim and Tralee -- per usual -- which gave him ample time to size up this curvaceous lady and announce to her (and the surrounding patrons). . . . 

"You look fat!"

Yup.  Hunter committed his first faux pas.  Listening to Jim re-tell the story reminded me of this post about Tralee, which now gives me a good chuckle, but at the moment made me want to pretend like my child belonged to someone else.  I think Jim experienced similar feelings as his first reaction was to say, "HUNTER!!!" in his most dogmatic voice -- you know the voice; the deep voice of impending doom that is beholden only to fathers.  Hunter rushed to Jim, where he was promptly swooped up, carried off where no one else could hear them, and then given a quick talk about politeness.   

When I first heard this story, I will admit, my first reaction was to look at Jim with relief in my eyes and giddily say, "FINALLY!  It happened to YOU!!!"  I didn't have to be the red-faced parent dealing with a faux pas!!  After my initial glee wore off, I had my own little talk with Hunter about what it means to be a gentleman.  

Jim and I both admitted that we were never mad at Hunter for saying what he did.  He's three, and was just observing what he saw.  He didn't say what he did to be rude or mean, because he didn't know calling an ample-bodied woman "fat" was/is rude or mean.  However, after a few discussions on politeness, now he knows.  I'm pretty sure (fingers crossed) that no one will be called fat, ugly, smelly, stinky, old, or gross around here from now on.  Adjectives like pretty, smart, funny, silly, nice, sweet, and kind are free game though!   

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mini Vacation

Tralee didn't have school this Wednesday, and wouldn't you know it, Jim just happened to be in town at the same time!  Jim worked out his schedule so that he could also take the day off, and we decided to play together as a family!  

We left for McCall, Idaho after Tralee got out of school on Tuesday.  Jim booked us a nice hotel with an indoor swimming pool.  We spent the evening swimming, and relaxing in our room.  We had the pool all to ourselves as it was "off season" in McCall and it was the middle of the week.  

Wednesday morning we ate breakfast at the hotel - it was pretty yummy.  The kids and Jim went for another swim, while I stayed in the room to relax and pack.  Fun was had by all!  After we checked out of the hotel, we drove to Jim's Uncle's property to spend the rest of the day in the great outdoors.  The weather was a bit crisp, but the sun was out to play, so it kindly warmed us with its rays throughout the day.

We hiked around and explored, shot Jim's .22, climbed the tree house, attempted to fish but soon realized there were no fish yet this time of year, and roasted hotdogs and s'mores.  I also snuck some applesauce and bananas into the mix of campfire food.  

Overall, our day was pretty awesome together.      

Jim in his element.  A .22 in one hand, and a fishing pole in the other.

Birds nests galore in and around the tree house!  Jim's acting crazy, but what else is new?

So excited to find birds nests . . . they were from last year and completely empty!

Look at my manly boy climbing that ladder!

Crossing the bridge across the water

Tralee decided to sit and contemplate the wonders of the world on this little spot of the world.

We spent some time playin' ball as well.

Warming up my tootsies by the campfire
Roasting dogs

Jim and I have an on-going fight over whose roasted marshmallows are better.  I like mine charred to a crisp.  He likes his perfectly browned.

Eating s'mores!

We had a wonderful mini vacation!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Windy Day -- Old Video

I miss the days when my kids were four and two and were home with me full time.  It seems like it was a simpler time.  I miss their younger voices.  I miss the way Hunter used to call me Mama instead of belting out, "MOM!" when he needed something.  I miss Tralee's little speech impediments (although I am glad she's worked her way out of them).  I miss Tralee's jokes that didn't make any sense, but she found hilarious.  I know there was A LOT about that time I complained about, but looking back, I still miss it.  I found this old video I took on my phone from 2011, and it melted my heart.  All the things I miss are present in it, and it makes me wish I could freeze time. . . or at least slow it down.

I'm so proud of my children.  I'm so proud that Tralee's becoming a competent little reader, and is constantly interested in learning new things.  I'm proud that Hunter is growing into a proper little student in pre-school this year (although sitting still for longer than 30 seconds is not his strong-suit).  I'm proud that Hunter is just as eager as his big sister in his new discoveries.  But all this growing and learning and becoming dependent individuals makes this mama's heart pine a little bit.  I'm pining for those simple days when we had to look for activities to keep us busy, instead of having the activities already mapped out for us.  I know as each of my children grow up some more, our days will get busier.  I know this.  It's what I signed up for.  It just goes by so fast.  I suppose that's why I'm so grateful for modern technology so I can capture the sweet moments my little ones grace me with.  I'll probably come back and watch videos like this the first time Hunter's voice breaks into a manly grunt, or the first time Tralee pulls her hand away when I try to hold it in public.  These moments grow closer everyday, so I need to remind myself constantly to treasure the days I have with my babes.  Even when the house is constantly untidy and my "me" time is virtually nonexistent.  I remain grateful that Hunter's voice is still cute, soft, and little, and Tralee still lets me hold her hand as I walk her to school.  Things are good today, and I know they'll still be good when my children grow into teenagers, and then into adults.  They'll just be a different kind of good.

This post began with me just wanting to share a video, and it became something else entirely.  I'm afraid I'm a bit sentimental and get lost in the past a little sometimes, and then wonder about the future too much as well.  That's not to say I don't appreciate the here and now.  Even as I type this I'm listening to the wee ones play pretend.  I love listening to their voices announce, "Pretend I'm going to jump into the water" followed by the sound of someone jumping off the bed.  I love how before they do anything in their pretend play they say, "Pretend this" or "Pretend that."  I also enjoy being invited into their imaginary world, although sometimes I think I should play in it with them more than I do.  I love their hugs, and kisses, and cuddles.  I love the pictures I'm gifted by them at least five times a day. I love them today, I loved them yesterday, and I'll love them for an eternity of days after.  That's just how it goes.

Now. . . for the video that started my rambles:       

Monday, April 8, 2013

Better Late Than Never Video

I was organizing this year's pictures and videos on my computer, and realized a have A LOT of videos that are just sitting here on the computer.  I need to start doing something with them, or at the very least putting them on DVD's as-is, so that we're more apt to watch them from time to time as a family and get all sentimental and goopy.  There is a lot of cute footage of my wee ones that I don't want to loose. . . or forget about.  I probably won't get to all the videos anytime soon, and probably won't post them all publicly on the web, but I did want to share the newest vid I made of all the clips from our Hawaii trip.  I started with the Hawaii videos because the memories are still pretty fresh, and I'm pining for some tropical weather.  The video is eight minutes long, and I certainly don't expect anyone to sit and watch it for eight minutes, but I did want to put it on this here blog so that my most loyal blog viewers (Hi Mom!  Hi Nana!) get the chance to watch it if they want. 

So here it is:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

iPhone Photo Plop

Above is a collage of pictures of our daily comings and going over the last month or so.  Included is some of Tralee's homework, our outing to Jump Creek Canyon/Waterfall, a morning trip to Krispy Cream, Hunter coloring on himself, fort building and air blowing shenanigans  biking, park playing, our pet dino Rexie, our Spring Break day at Camel's Back Park, a fire station field trip, Tralee with a 'stache, Easter egg hunt, Hunter's hair stuck in Silly Puddy, a fire truck that came to church because someone pulled the fire alarm, and lastly a picture of me procrastinating a mound of work to be done.  Enjoy!