Monday, January 30, 2012

Countdown to 2/14

I haven't always been the biggest cheerleader for Valentine's Day.  I like it, I guess.  It kind of seems like a holiday that pressures you into doing something nice for your loved ones.  I'm not saying I wouldn't appreciate a gift on V-day.  I'm just saying I think I would appreciate a just-because-he-was-thinking-about-me gift more.  I'm also stubborn (ask my hubby), and don't like doing things because I'm told to.  I want to do it on my own.  So when the calendar tells me I must be ultra lovey-dovey smooshy-smooshy on February 14th, I want to tell the calendar, "Hose off!  I'm going to ignor you and be lovey-dovey smooshy-smooshy on February 15th instead!"  Is that stupid?  Probably.  That being said, I try to make Valentine's Day a little more special around here for those that I love (i.e. pink heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, heart-shaped sandwiches made with the help of heart-shaped cookie cutters, etc).  I don't want my stubbornness to get in the way of my hubby's and kid-o's fun.

So, in the spirit of getting a little more excited for Saint Valentine's Day, I made a few things to get us pumped up for the 14th of February.

I saw this craft on Pinterest, so Tralee and I took a trip to Lowe's to stock up on paint samples.  We came home, cut out hearts, and made this garland:

For Christmas I made my family on my Dad's side a DVD of my Nana's life (remember the super awesome gift I was WAY excited about from this post?).  I interviewed my Nana a few years ago, recorded it, then selected the favorite stories she told me to put on the DVD.  I have been collecting old photographs every time I go back home to visit, so I scanned them, and added them with music to the DVD while my Nana told the story of her life.  The DVD turned out really good (for an amateur such as myself) and I think everyone that received one also enjoyed it.  Anyway. . . one of the favorite stories on the DVD was about how my Grandma and Grandpa met.

My Grandparents danced with their friends at Garfield Park in Wisconsin every Friday night.  Nana and Grandpa Eugene would meet up, dance, and hang out with their friends; never thinking they would be more than dance partners one day.  Not long after they met, WWII was declared, and Grandpa was called to serve his country.  On the last night they danced together at Garfield Park, Eugene waved goodbye and told my Grandma, "I'll write you!"

My grandparents fell in love through letter writing.  My Nana said the letters kept getting better and better!  When he came home from the war, he only wanted his sweetheart to meet him at the train station. Nana said when they met, she got such a kiss it nearly knocked her off her feet (she had never kissed anyone before).  My grandparents went out every single night after Grandpa Eugene came home from the war, and were married just a few months later.  I love that story!  What I love more is this picture:
Grandma and Grandpa's first kiss after Grandpa Eugene returned from WWII.  He proposed a week later, and they were married a few months later.

It's the picture of them kissing for the FIRST TIME!  I LOVE IT!  I love it so much, I made this printable of that moment, and will hang it in my house to help get me a little more excited for Valentine's Day.  This moment is what it's all about.
I think this might make a cute card!

I also made this little banner:

If you would like to make one as well, just print the photo below, cut the squares out, use a hole punch to put holes where marked, string a string through said holes, and hang it up for some instant cute V-day decor.

Thanks for peeking!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

She's Five

I couldn't stop it from happening, no matter how much I wished for time to stand still, it just wouldn't.  Since last Monday, my first baby turned five!  FIVE!  Where did the last five years go?  Where, I ask you?  Tralee is growing up, and there's not a thing I can do about it!  I was warned, by more than one person, how fast the time goes by.  I was told, "before you know it she'll be heading off to school."  I didn't believe it, yet here I sit, mere months away from seeing my FIVE-year-old off to school.  Before I know it, she'll be on her first date, driving a car, and heading off to college.  I don't like it, but I'm coming to accept that no matter how hard I squeeze my eyes shut, and wish on my lucky star that my babies will stay babies, it's just not going to happen.  I realize I need to change my wishes to things that can actually come to fruition.  So, here are five wishes I have for Tralee on her fifth birthday:

1.  I wish Tralee will find at least one very best friend and confidante at school.  Someone she looks forward to seeing everyday, someone to share her secrets with, laugh with, have play dates with, and who she'll stick up for and who will stick up for her if/when needed.

2.  I wish Tralee will be kind to others, especially to those that need extra kindness in their life.

3.  I wish this year will bring health, happiness, love, safety, and peace to my sweet five-year-old.

4.  I wish Tralee will always see a strong, smart, confidant, kind, loving, beautiful friend looking back at her when she stares into the mirror.  Someone who can find humor in her mistakes, as well as learn from them.

5.  I wish Tralee will always know --know matter how tall she might grow, or how smart and independent she gets-- that she will always find peace and comfort in my embrace.  My arms will always be open to gather her up, my shoulder will always be there for her to cry on, my lips will always be willing to kiss any wound better, my ears are always tuned in to hear a funny or heartbreaking story, joke, or anecdote from her day, my eyes will be focused on her at every concert, recital, dance, play, and game that she's involved in.  I will always be willing to spend any night of the week with her, snuggled on the couch, eating popcorn and ice cream while watching a silly movie together.  I want her to know that Dance Parties in the Kitchen is a club that will never close, and will always be hip to me.  I want her to feel adored the minute my eyes look at her, even if we're having a tough day agreeing on things.  I want her to know that my love for her grows everyday, even if she starts to push away.  I want her to know that I'll try my best to give her space when space is needed, and be there for her when I'm needed more.  I want her to know there is no measurement in the world capable of tracking just how much I love and adore her.  She's my first baby, forever and always.

These are my wishes for my sweet girl on her fifth Birthday.  I know someday she really will be heading off to college and starting her own life -- a life that I get to hear about in phone calls and catch glimpses of when I visit her every now and again.  I'll miss her so much, but for know, I guess I'm grateful she's only five.  I get her for thirteen more years!  HOORAY!  I'm thankful for the last five and looking forward to the next thirteen+.  So, here's an extra wish (or two), just for me (are you listening lucky star?): I wish that the next thirteen years are everything I dreamed motherhood could and would be, and that I take the time to enjoy the sweet tender moments I get to share with her.  I wish that time will feel fleeting during the moments that aren't so tender, like when she's an emotional teenager saying mean things, but the sweet moments I look forward to everyday, help me to take the time to enjoy them and that they come more frequently.

Now. . . Pictures from Tralee's Fifth Birthday:

I asked Tralee what she wanted to do for her birthday, she informed me she wanted to take her best friends (Hunter, Brinley, Jovie, and Oakley) to Chuck-E-Cheese with her.  Not what I would have choose, but it was her day, so I went with it.

One of the things tokens got spent on were all the picture machines. 

The adults even took some pictures.  Here I am with Jim and Audie

Instead of a birthday cake, Tralee requested these Rapunzel cake towers she saw me looking at on Pinterest.  Don't laugh.  I am in NO WAY a cake decorator -not even trying to be.  This was the best I could do.

We made the party hats the night before her birthday. 
Playing games
Tralee was actually really good at Deal or No Deal.  She might just have to play the real deal one day!

Jim and Hunter playing basketball (of course).

Dont' forget the tickets!

Jovie and Oakley.  Poor Oaks, towards the end of the party she hit her head on one of the above mentioned picture machines and got a nice cut and goose-egg on her little head.  Not fun.

This picture cracks me up.  Brinley rode this ride alone the first time and was scared it was going to tip over (it's a truck that tips forward and backwards).  Then Tralee came along when Brinley was getting off and said, "I want to ride that with you!"  So, Brinley had to ride again, and get scared all over again when the truck tipped back.  Both girls were scared (this ride isn't scary, but it terrified them for some reason).  I'm mean, cause I laughed and then took this picture.  I'm still laughing.

Blowing out her birthday candle.  Sweet girl!

Happy Birthday Stinks!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some New Prints

Here a few of the prints I've made lately for the shop.  I'm having fun making them.  If you have any ideas for prints, let me know!  If I like it, and put it up in my shop, I'll send you a free copy!
I think I might print the 11x14 of this one, frame it, and hang it in our play room. 
Cute for Valentine's Day 
Jim and I have this one hanging in our room.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


First we did this:

Then we did this:
That's hot chocolate, in case you were wondering.

Thank you snow, for finally gracing us with your presence!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've been MIA on the blog as of late.  Here's the rundown as to why:

  • Jim has been having back issues again.  He walks around like a 90-year-old man, and I'm usually the one running around getting him things since it takes him 13 minutes just to stand up.
  • The kids have been sick.  First Tralee and now Hunter has started with the same symptoms.  Ick.  I've been chief nose-wiper, temperature taker, and kiss-it-better-er around here.
  • I have had food poisoning the last two days (curse you gas station food!!!!  Why did I do that to myself?) It's hard to take care of my three favorite people when I feel yucktastic.

So, to sum it up, we're a sad broken down group of people right now.  I'm sure I'll get back to Blogland as soon as our health improves.  Until then, have a great day!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tralee's Future

The other day I was looking at Tralee's baby book with her.  We're approaching birthday number five, and I'm not loving it.  My Stinky Tralinky is growing up too fast!  I was in the middle of thinking about how hard it will be to see her off to school this fall when she said this:

"Mom, I'm so glad you have this baby book to look at, because you're going to miss me when I grow up and move to California."  That wasn't all, she continued with, "And I'm glad you have Daddy's baby book, cause we're going to move to California together, and you're going to stay here, and when you miss us, you can just look at our baby books."

According to Tralee, she's going to marry her dad when she grows up, they're going to move to California, and play with their friends on the beach all day.  It's up to Hunter whether or not he wants to tag along, but I have to stay in Idaho and look after their baby books.

Since this discussion I have decided that Tralee is not aloud to turn five.  In fact, I've decide she must Benjamin Button herself and start aging in reverse.  She has to stay my baby forever.  That's all there is to it.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Printable

I updated this blog post once more (as of 01/10/2014).  Now, just click on the image, and it will take you to a download link. I've sized the image to 16x20 in JPEG format, but you can also print it as an 8x10.  16x20 and 8x10 are compatible dimensions. . . or whatever mathematical terminology makes sense.

I was informed by a reader that there was a typo on the free printable.  Thanks for letting me know!  I just fixed the typo and the printable is back in business!!

Is it too early for Valentine's stuff?  If yes, then ignore this post.  If no, here's my latest printable!  I think it's cute.  


Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Boys

Oh how I love them!

That's all.

Two New Things about Hunter

We started potty training this week.  I don't think I was 100% ready (wearing diapers was the last thing keeping Hunty a baby), but the diapers ran out, and I told myself once they were gone, it was time to start training.  I saved one to have Hunter throw away when I explained that, "diapers are for babies, and Toy Story undies are for big boys" like Hunter.  We're now on day three of the three day potty training method.

Day one was the worst.  We went through about 11 pair of undies.  Hunter seemed oblivious to what we were trying to accomplish.  He peed in his bed that night.  Not fun, but I stayed positive and upbeat.  I encouraged with love.  Lots and lots and lots of praise was given for dry pants and any attempt to go near the potty.

Day two started with success!  I was on him from sunup, watching and waiting.  Finally I saw the tell-tale signs that something was about to happen.  I rushed him to the potty and HE DID IT!  We had more success on day two.  We also had lots of wet big boy pants, but progress was made.

Today is day three, and I would like to say Hunter is 100% trained, but he's not.  It's partially my fault, I haven't been right next to him 24/7 like I'm supposed to be.  The times Hunter has had accidents were when I was taking a shower, fixing lunch for the kids, cooking dinner, etc.  However, now he's starting to tell me when he's about to go.  Yesterday he told me, "Mommy, I hear the pee pee coming."  Today he told me, "Mommy, I'm ready to shoot at the Cheerios!"  So, we're doing it.  It'll probably take a little more time for him to get it down, and I'm okay with that.  Progress is being made everyday, and I'm proud of my big boy!  I'm also proud of me.  I'm not a fan of potty training, but I'm committed to see this thing through.  Also, Hunter looks really cute running around in his Toy Story briefs he picked out, and the boxer briefs I  chose.

Another thing about Hunter is he developed a transient tick.  I noticed it a few weeks ago when he started blinking his eyes a lot.  After talking to his doctor, and following up with a little google search, I was informed that sometimes kids around Hunter's age develop this kind of tick.  Their little minds are taking in so much, that it's kind of like an outlet for them.  We're not supposed to mention it, or bring attention to it around Hunter.  It should go away on its own.  It does get worse when he's tired.  When Jim and I are talking about Hunter now, and his little transient tick, Jim usually asks, "So, how is Blinky?"  The other day after he asked me about our blinky little son Jim said, "I just thought of something.  Our kids' nicknames right now are Stinky and Blinky."  If we have another one, I thought of a few more nick names we could use:  Pinky (for a girl that likes pink), Slinky (if we have a flexible child), Clinky (for a noisy boy or girl), and Minky (for a child that likes fur?)  Eh.  I'm tired.  I'll have to come up with more later.  :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ready. Set. Jump!

My little Hunter is a jumper.  He's constantly jumping on and off of things.  It really doesn't matter what.  He'll take the couch pillows and cushions and set up a little jumping course for himself in the living room -- leaping from cushion to cushion.  Sometimes he just hops around the house telling me, "Mommy!  I'm a jumping bean!"  He's a little daredevil.

We're pretty used to Hunter's antics around here, but sometimes we forget that other people aren't.  There's usually a gasp when our company visits and sees Hunter leaping from the furniture.  They usually ask, "Is he okay!?!?"  He is.
Sometimes I have to stop a jump from happening.  They're just a little too dangerous at times, like when he thought jumping from the top of a flight of steep cement stairs in Park City, UT was a great idea.  I saw him prepping for the jump -- I swear this all went down in slow motion --  I screamed, "H U N T E R  N O O O O O !"  I frantically reached for the little turkey, but it was too late.  His legs were already set in motion, my finger tips barley grazed the back of his t-shirt as the rest of his little body flew down the five or six cement stairs.  In that one second, while Hunty was plummeting towards the landing, images of an ER visit filled my head.  In reality, Hunter landed perfectly, and just kept on walking, no doubt searching for his next stunt.  That flight of stairs was more than twice his height!  How on Earth did he land it perfectly?  No scratch.  No bruise.  No blood.  I'm pretty sure one of his angels helped him out.  Thank goodness!

I wonder if Hunter has a future as a stunt double.  I can just see him jumping off of buildings, out of airplanes, and doing any other number of things that will make his mother cringe.  Just as long as his angels will always be there to provide a soft landing, I'm okay with it.

Tralee wanted to show off her jumping skills too.