Monday, January 30, 2012

Countdown to 2/14

I haven't always been the biggest cheerleader for Valentine's Day.  I like it, I guess.  It kind of seems like a holiday that pressures you into doing something nice for your loved ones.  I'm not saying I wouldn't appreciate a gift on V-day.  I'm just saying I think I would appreciate a just-because-he-was-thinking-about-me gift more.  I'm also stubborn (ask my hubby), and don't like doing things because I'm told to.  I want to do it on my own.  So when the calendar tells me I must be ultra lovey-dovey smooshy-smooshy on February 14th, I want to tell the calendar, "Hose off!  I'm going to ignor you and be lovey-dovey smooshy-smooshy on February 15th instead!"  Is that stupid?  Probably.  That being said, I try to make Valentine's Day a little more special around here for those that I love (i.e. pink heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, heart-shaped sandwiches made with the help of heart-shaped cookie cutters, etc).  I don't want my stubbornness to get in the way of my hubby's and kid-o's fun.

So, in the spirit of getting a little more excited for Saint Valentine's Day, I made a few things to get us pumped up for the 14th of February.

I saw this craft on Pinterest, so Tralee and I took a trip to Lowe's to stock up on paint samples.  We came home, cut out hearts, and made this garland:

For Christmas I made my family on my Dad's side a DVD of my Nana's life (remember the super awesome gift I was WAY excited about from this post?).  I interviewed my Nana a few years ago, recorded it, then selected the favorite stories she told me to put on the DVD.  I have been collecting old photographs every time I go back home to visit, so I scanned them, and added them with music to the DVD while my Nana told the story of her life.  The DVD turned out really good (for an amateur such as myself) and I think everyone that received one also enjoyed it.  Anyway. . . one of the favorite stories on the DVD was about how my Grandma and Grandpa met.

My Grandparents danced with their friends at Garfield Park in Wisconsin every Friday night.  Nana and Grandpa Eugene would meet up, dance, and hang out with their friends; never thinking they would be more than dance partners one day.  Not long after they met, WWII was declared, and Grandpa was called to serve his country.  On the last night they danced together at Garfield Park, Eugene waved goodbye and told my Grandma, "I'll write you!"

My grandparents fell in love through letter writing.  My Nana said the letters kept getting better and better!  When he came home from the war, he only wanted his sweetheart to meet him at the train station. Nana said when they met, she got such a kiss it nearly knocked her off her feet (she had never kissed anyone before).  My grandparents went out every single night after Grandpa Eugene came home from the war, and were married just a few months later.  I love that story!  What I love more is this picture:
Grandma and Grandpa's first kiss after Grandpa Eugene returned from WWII.  He proposed a week later, and they were married a few months later.

It's the picture of them kissing for the FIRST TIME!  I LOVE IT!  I love it so much, I made this printable of that moment, and will hang it in my house to help get me a little more excited for Valentine's Day.  This moment is what it's all about.
I think this might make a cute card!

I also made this little banner:

If you would like to make one as well, just print the photo below, cut the squares out, use a hole punch to put holes where marked, string a string through said holes, and hang it up for some instant cute V-day decor.

Thanks for peeking!!


Krista Hegstrom said...

That's funny cuz I feel the same way about valentines day! The story of your grandparents is so cute and your printables are fun too!

Boom said...

I think what you think would make a good card would also make a good printable.