Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two New Things about Hunter

We started potty training this week.  I don't think I was 100% ready (wearing diapers was the last thing keeping Hunty a baby), but the diapers ran out, and I told myself once they were gone, it was time to start training.  I saved one to have Hunter throw away when I explained that, "diapers are for babies, and Toy Story undies are for big boys" like Hunter.  We're now on day three of the three day potty training method.

Day one was the worst.  We went through about 11 pair of undies.  Hunter seemed oblivious to what we were trying to accomplish.  He peed in his bed that night.  Not fun, but I stayed positive and upbeat.  I encouraged with love.  Lots and lots and lots of praise was given for dry pants and any attempt to go near the potty.

Day two started with success!  I was on him from sunup, watching and waiting.  Finally I saw the tell-tale signs that something was about to happen.  I rushed him to the potty and HE DID IT!  We had more success on day two.  We also had lots of wet big boy pants, but progress was made.

Today is day three, and I would like to say Hunter is 100% trained, but he's not.  It's partially my fault, I haven't been right next to him 24/7 like I'm supposed to be.  The times Hunter has had accidents were when I was taking a shower, fixing lunch for the kids, cooking dinner, etc.  However, now he's starting to tell me when he's about to go.  Yesterday he told me, "Mommy, I hear the pee pee coming."  Today he told me, "Mommy, I'm ready to shoot at the Cheerios!"  So, we're doing it.  It'll probably take a little more time for him to get it down, and I'm okay with that.  Progress is being made everyday, and I'm proud of my big boy!  I'm also proud of me.  I'm not a fan of potty training, but I'm committed to see this thing through.  Also, Hunter looks really cute running around in his Toy Story briefs he picked out, and the boxer briefs I  chose.

Another thing about Hunter is he developed a transient tick.  I noticed it a few weeks ago when he started blinking his eyes a lot.  After talking to his doctor, and following up with a little google search, I was informed that sometimes kids around Hunter's age develop this kind of tick.  Their little minds are taking in so much, that it's kind of like an outlet for them.  We're not supposed to mention it, or bring attention to it around Hunter.  It should go away on its own.  It does get worse when he's tired.  When Jim and I are talking about Hunter now, and his little transient tick, Jim usually asks, "So, how is Blinky?"  The other day after he asked me about our blinky little son Jim said, "I just thought of something.  Our kids' nicknames right now are Stinky and Blinky."  If we have another one, I thought of a few more nick names we could use:  Pinky (for a girl that likes pink), Slinky (if we have a flexible child), Clinky (for a noisy boy or girl), and Minky (for a child that likes fur?)  Eh.  I'm tired.  I'll have to come up with more later.  :)


Boom said...

I think he is cute in his Toy Stories too. Can I see a pic of him in his briefs?

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Great minds think alike! I started training Mae on Tuesday - and it has been one heck of a week! We need to communicate better so I could have at least vented to you, haha! Their little bums are so cute and pinch-able! All I know though is that you and me deserve a night out after this week, huh?!

Leslie Jacobs said...

Yes! A night out is well needed! I'll just hop on a plane and be there in 8 to 10 hours! We'll go crazy in MN!! :)