Sunday, January 29, 2012

She's Five

I couldn't stop it from happening, no matter how much I wished for time to stand still, it just wouldn't.  Since last Monday, my first baby turned five!  FIVE!  Where did the last five years go?  Where, I ask you?  Tralee is growing up, and there's not a thing I can do about it!  I was warned, by more than one person, how fast the time goes by.  I was told, "before you know it she'll be heading off to school."  I didn't believe it, yet here I sit, mere months away from seeing my FIVE-year-old off to school.  Before I know it, she'll be on her first date, driving a car, and heading off to college.  I don't like it, but I'm coming to accept that no matter how hard I squeeze my eyes shut, and wish on my lucky star that my babies will stay babies, it's just not going to happen.  I realize I need to change my wishes to things that can actually come to fruition.  So, here are five wishes I have for Tralee on her fifth birthday:

1.  I wish Tralee will find at least one very best friend and confidante at school.  Someone she looks forward to seeing everyday, someone to share her secrets with, laugh with, have play dates with, and who she'll stick up for and who will stick up for her if/when needed.

2.  I wish Tralee will be kind to others, especially to those that need extra kindness in their life.

3.  I wish this year will bring health, happiness, love, safety, and peace to my sweet five-year-old.

4.  I wish Tralee will always see a strong, smart, confidant, kind, loving, beautiful friend looking back at her when she stares into the mirror.  Someone who can find humor in her mistakes, as well as learn from them.

5.  I wish Tralee will always know --know matter how tall she might grow, or how smart and independent she gets-- that she will always find peace and comfort in my embrace.  My arms will always be open to gather her up, my shoulder will always be there for her to cry on, my lips will always be willing to kiss any wound better, my ears are always tuned in to hear a funny or heartbreaking story, joke, or anecdote from her day, my eyes will be focused on her at every concert, recital, dance, play, and game that she's involved in.  I will always be willing to spend any night of the week with her, snuggled on the couch, eating popcorn and ice cream while watching a silly movie together.  I want her to know that Dance Parties in the Kitchen is a club that will never close, and will always be hip to me.  I want her to feel adored the minute my eyes look at her, even if we're having a tough day agreeing on things.  I want her to know that my love for her grows everyday, even if she starts to push away.  I want her to know that I'll try my best to give her space when space is needed, and be there for her when I'm needed more.  I want her to know there is no measurement in the world capable of tracking just how much I love and adore her.  She's my first baby, forever and always.

These are my wishes for my sweet girl on her fifth Birthday.  I know someday she really will be heading off to college and starting her own life -- a life that I get to hear about in phone calls and catch glimpses of when I visit her every now and again.  I'll miss her so much, but for know, I guess I'm grateful she's only five.  I get her for thirteen more years!  HOORAY!  I'm thankful for the last five and looking forward to the next thirteen+.  So, here's an extra wish (or two), just for me (are you listening lucky star?): I wish that the next thirteen years are everything I dreamed motherhood could and would be, and that I take the time to enjoy the sweet tender moments I get to share with her.  I wish that time will feel fleeting during the moments that aren't so tender, like when she's an emotional teenager saying mean things, but the sweet moments I look forward to everyday, help me to take the time to enjoy them and that they come more frequently.

Now. . . Pictures from Tralee's Fifth Birthday:

I asked Tralee what she wanted to do for her birthday, she informed me she wanted to take her best friends (Hunter, Brinley, Jovie, and Oakley) to Chuck-E-Cheese with her.  Not what I would have choose, but it was her day, so I went with it.

One of the things tokens got spent on were all the picture machines. 

The adults even took some pictures.  Here I am with Jim and Audie

Instead of a birthday cake, Tralee requested these Rapunzel cake towers she saw me looking at on Pinterest.  Don't laugh.  I am in NO WAY a cake decorator -not even trying to be.  This was the best I could do.

We made the party hats the night before her birthday. 
Playing games
Tralee was actually really good at Deal or No Deal.  She might just have to play the real deal one day!

Jim and Hunter playing basketball (of course).

Dont' forget the tickets!

Jovie and Oakley.  Poor Oaks, towards the end of the party she hit her head on one of the above mentioned picture machines and got a nice cut and goose-egg on her little head.  Not fun.

This picture cracks me up.  Brinley rode this ride alone the first time and was scared it was going to tip over (it's a truck that tips forward and backwards).  Then Tralee came along when Brinley was getting off and said, "I want to ride that with you!"  So, Brinley had to ride again, and get scared all over again when the truck tipped back.  Both girls were scared (this ride isn't scary, but it terrified them for some reason).  I'm mean, cause I laughed and then took this picture.  I'm still laughing.

Blowing out her birthday candle.  Sweet girl!

Happy Birthday Stinks!