Sunday, March 31, 2013

Winter in Waterton

We drove up to Waterton one day whilst in Canada.  It was a wee bit chilly, but after seeing some sights, we made our way to the lodge to warm our bellies with some fine Canadian cuisine.  Jim and I helped ourselves to some poutine.  I have to have some every time we're in Canada.  I've said it before and I'll say it again; if I lived in Canada, I'm pretty sure I'd be a heifer   Canadian junk food is WAY better, and thus, far more tempting (and more likely to end up in my mouth) than American crap food.  I'm generally a fairly health conscience person, but that all goes away in Canada (sorry mom).   

I've also conclusionized (made up word), that it doesn't matter what time of year we visit the town of water, it's beautiful in any climate.  I'm beginning to see why Canadians love their native land so much.  The sights and food are pretty awesome. . . oh and the people are pretty great too!  
Cameron Falls

The John Jacobs family (minus Brynli)

Joni and her fiance Aaron

The Jim Jacobs family. . . nice face Stinks!

Tranny posing for pictures. . . and lookin' good!!  Ow! Ow!!


The whole gang at the lodge.
I would go back and do it all again. . . this was a good day!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Snowmobile Day

One morning we woke up in Canada, and decided to seize the day and start up the old snowmobiles.  Everyone got a turn driving them around -- even the kids!  They thought that was the coolest thing EVER!
Lexi pulling Tralee and Brody.  I kind of LOVE this picture.

Tralee taking Jim for a ride.
Cassi and I were having a really great day -- looks wise.  I mean, we looked pretty amazing in our snowmobiling attire.  So amazing, we took some pictures of ourselves and decided to send them into SnowGoer Magazine or SuperTrax Mag to see if we could be their new models!!!  You'll see what I mean below!  Don't get jeal at how sexy we look. . . 

Pictured above is Leslie.  She's 5'9,  and enjoys tearing it up at a good 5 to 10 MPH through the frosty tundra while riding on a snowmobile.  When she's not zipping through the snow, she loves to practice her meanest NBA dunking basketball face. . . whether there's a hoop around or not.

Meet Cassi.  She's about 5'6 ish, and isn't afraid to let loose in the powder.   She can rock a men's jean jacket like nobody's business (see above), and when she's not tearing it around the snowy tracks, she loves to try on different colored full-mask winter hats.  Orange is her favorite!

The other Jacobs family (minus Brynli)

At first, Hunter didn't want to go out in the snow. He's not a fan of cold weather, but I bundled him up, and made him come out.  I knew once Hunter rode around a few times on a snowmobile, he would love it.  Wouldn't you know it, I was right!  After riding around for a few minutes with Jim, Hunter said, "Again!  Again!  Again!"  I even took Hunter around for a ride.  I'm not sure I was as much fun to ride with as Jim.  I'm a little more cautious.  Jim can tear it up!  

Jim and Hunter

Now that's one sexy face, if you ask me.  Love those baby blues!!!  My knees are getting weak just looking at them.  I love this man, even with all his shenanigans!

Here are all the boys taking a ride.  Jim's driving, Hunter's assisting, and Brody, John, and Collin are riding on the back.  I don't think Jim took it easy on the boys in the back.  After one or two trips around the loop, the guys in back said, "WE'RE DONE!!!!"  

This is Brody's snow devil angel.

Riding around on the snowmobiles that morning was too much fun!  I love going up to Canada!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gym Class

Every time we visit Jim's hometown in Canada, we visit the elementary school gym at least once to goof  around, let the kids burn off some energy, and show off our mad b-ball skillz -- that's right, skillz with a Z!  I'm down like that!  Here are a few pics of our last visit.

Two of my favorite homies.  Cassi and Tranny. They're my sistas from other mistas and mamacitas.  Sisters all the same!
Tranny pulled the munchkins around.  Too fun!
Baby Z pulling her mom along

I told Jim to show me his mad skillz.  Booyah!!
I was trying out my best dunking action shot face.  I was more worried about getting the intense face correct than actually making a basket and. . . . . I NAILED IT!  YES!!!!!!  Plus, the cat-shaped granny glasses and Irish hat I was wearing really helped me look more professional WNBA league-ish, right?  Like, I really knew my way around a B-Ball court.  Nothing screams, "I've got skillzzzzz" more than granny glasses, crazy Irish hats, and intense faces.  Don't mess with this hoopster I tell ya! 
John and Jim were both explaining the rules to 21. . . 
. . . They both thought they knew the rules better than the other brother.  All I know is,  if you put on your best dunking face (see the picture of me above), it doesn't matter if you make the shot or not. . . cause you automatically get 21 points for coolness!  True story.
Of course. . . the wee ones had to race.  Hunter did NOT like coming up short every race.  We finally let him get a head start, but those darned older kids' legs kept beating his three-year-old ones!  Not fair!

I'm pretty sure Zayah had both her Uncles under her complete control.  Don't worry, she didn't really rip off their heads and play basketball with them, I was just playing around with photoshop and wanted to try something.  

Here's what Baby Z was really doing.

Two of the cutest kids you'll ever see -- besides my own -- playing in the lockers.

So, there are a few pictures of our own personal Gym class.  Hands down, the best P.E. class I've ever been to.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Madness

While in Canada, Jim's dad told me that the phrase, "March Madness" had nothing to do with college basketball, but really had to do with Canada's bi-polar March weather.  I think he might have been right, as one day it started out overcast and rainy, then within a few hours the sun was shining and it was warm, and a few hours after that it started to snow.  MADNESS I tell you!  

The snow was fine with our little group, because Tralee and Hunter's Jacobs cousins live in Vegas, and don't see the likes of much snow.  Snow days were perfectly welcomed to our little group.  So, March Madness worked out well for us. . . snow and all!

Tralee, Lexi, and Brody playing in the snow

Fun with cousins!




Lexi and Tralee

You may notice the absence of Hunter and Brynli Jacobs.  Hunter isn't a fan of cold weather, and opted to stay inside this day.  However, I did make him come out and play on another snow day during our visit.  Brin couldn't make the trip.  Her two-year-old schedule wouldn't allow her to drive up to Canada, as she had some other important engagements occurring with her Aunt and Grandma.  Oh well.  Maybe next time Hunter and Brynli will get to experience March Madness together! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Grammy Jacobs

Grammy Jacobs July 2011

Jim's Grammy passed from this life, into the next last week.  We drove up to Canada the day after we heard the news.  On the drive Jim and I shared our favorite memories of his Grammy with each other (crib games and sayings, the smell of brown bread baking, Grammy teaching Jim art lessons, and eating her fresh home-grown food were just some of the memories shared).  We also imagined what the reunion between her and Grandpa Jacobs could have been like.  The thought of them together again brought smiles to our faces.

The funeral was touching, and honored a woman who, as her children said, "was small in stature, but large in spirit."  If we all strive to be more like Jim's Grammy J, this world would be a much more loving and peaceful place.

For those who have never had the pleasure of getting to know this remarkable lady, here is a video (just click here to watch) about Jim's grandma that will give you a glimpse into the life of a woman who has served her fellow man her entire life.  I'm honored to have married into this family, and to have shared memories with Grammy Jacobs over the 12 years Jim and I have been together.  Here are a few favorite pictures our family has with Grammy Jacobs:  

Tralee and Grammy 2007

Hunter and Grammy July 2009

Playing Crib at Grammy's June 2012

Grammy and Jim in Yesteryears June 2012

Grammy Jacobs June 2012

Below are a few pictures of Jim, his brother, and the other grandsons being pallbearers at Grammy J's funeral.

Jim, his brother John, and the other grandsons carrying Grammy to her burial place.  March 2013

RIP Grammy Jacobs
March 2013

Lastly, after we got home from Canada, Jim and I started talking about the wonderful heritage his grandma has left behind.  She has a museum on her property filled with memories of her and Grandpa Jacobs' life.  I remembered on our last visit, I took a few pictures from their little museum, as well as some video.  I thought I should put a little something together for Jim, as a nice remembrance of his grandparents.  I picked the song, "Happy Trails" as it was the song sung at both Grandpa Jacobs' funeral and Grammy's funeral as the pallbearers carried out their loved ones.  I'm not sure if this is a tradition in the community where Jim grew up, or if this was something special that Grammy and Grandpa Jacobs had planned for their funerals.  Either way, I thought singing "Happy Trails" was/is a lovely tribute to some wonderful people; people who have left us with cherished memories we can share with generations to come.  Here's the video I threw together:

Until we meet again. . . 

Flying Home

Although the kids and I had a great time visiting family in Wisconsin, we were more than ready to get home to our husband and daddy!  We went almost a month without seeing him, and being without him one more day was just not an option!  Thankfully our flight plans went pretty smoothly.  The kids got a little tired and grumpy on the last flight, but we made it!!

This was my travel-weary face before our last airplane ride of the trip


Tralee kept herself busy at the airport and on the airplane by coloring

I asked Tralee to show me how excited she was to see Daddy again.  This is what she did.  I felt the same way!

Random WI Pics

Here are some photos from Wisconsin that didn't really didn't have a place to go in any other post.

Nana reading to Hunter

I flew in on Valentine's Day.  Jim and I hadn't seen each other in 20-something days at this point.  We were missing each other pretty bad.  We're not really big Valentine's people, but when I bouquet of flowers showed up for me at my brother's house, it sure made me feel special and loved!

My parent's at a Friday night fish fry up north Wisconsin.  We met a bunch of family here, and enjoyed the atmosphere, fish, and company.

The Miller Lite sign, the stuffed deer on the wall, the thick up nort' accents, and the smell of fish fryin' were all signs that we were in Wisconsin on a Friday night!

Hunter and Brady playing on ipads. . . .little nerds!  In their defense, it was like 9 degrees outside with a windchill of awfulness, so it wasn't like they could go outside and play.  They did break out of their ipad trance and wrestle, run around, and play other things every once in a while.

The kids and I shared an air-mattress.  Sometimes I would come up to bed and wonder how I would fit in there.

One of my favorite restaurants in Milwaukee.  My brother treated us to it one night.  Yummy!

Grammy Char Char reading stories to Hunter.