Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nana's 90th

Nana at her 90th Birthday Party

A few weeks ago I flew to Wisconsin with my munchkins to celebrate my Nana's 90th birthday.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again; my Nana is the most selfless person you'll ever meet.  She has fed, uplifted, prayed for, and helped too many souls to count, mine included.  Her 90 years of service, grace, determination, and culinary talents (among other things) were and are definitely something to be celebrated.

My cousin Brian and his wife, Genevieve, planed a beautiful swaray for our Nana.  We met at Joey Gerards, where we had a private room with a table decorated with bouquets (there was one for each woman to take home), delicious hors d'oeuvres, waiters and waitresses that catered to our every whim (Hunter mentioned to me he wanted grapes, and the next thing I knew a waitress came along with a bowl of grapes for my little man), and drinks for everyone.  Genevieve thought of everything, she even had little light-up chicks for the children, which were a hit!  The chickies were played with through the evening as well as the next day.

There was a delicious menu to choose from, and once our bellies were sufficiently stuffed, toasts were given in Nana's honor.  For a few weeks I had been working on a book for my grandma.  I emailed all of her family members, as well as friends, and told them to please send me a letter to Nana that included birthday wishes, a favorite memory, photos, or a kind word in her honor.  The letters and pictures came in through the weeks, and I was able to compile them into a nice leather bound book, which I had professionally bound and printed, and I presented it to her at her party.  Nana also received some other thoughtful and lovely presents from her other family members and friends.  Nana said turning 90 wasn't too bad!

Overall, the evening was a night to be remembered, and I know it's just one more memory, in a slew of special memories I have shared with my Nana.   

Here are some pictures of Nana's Birthday Party

Our name cards

The menu for the evening

Tralee and Hunty playing with their chicks

Nana's birthday cake

Aunt Mary (my dad's sister) and my brother Jimmy

A picture of the table and guests

Dad, Leslie, and Nana

Leslie and Dad

Another picture of the table and guests

The table from another angle

Brian toasting Nana while Aunt Mary smiles

Uncle Mike giving a toast 

It all got too exciting for Hunter, he had to take a little nap

Nana and Jimmy

Tralee enjoying her strawberry lemon aid

Nana's cousin, Barbara.  Barbara was a 1st grade teacher at the elementary school I attended.  We used to walk by each other and say, "Hi Cousin."

Nana receiving her book

Reading the letters of love in her birthday book

Nana with her great-grandchildren (minus Hunter) Haylee, Brady, and Tralee

Singing "Happy Birthday"

"Happy Birthday to you!"

Nana and her cake

Tralee helping Nana blow out her candles

Tralee and Nana

What's a piece of cake without a shake to go with it?

Everyone at Nana's party.  Top row from left to right:  Tralee, Leslie, Charlene, Jimmy, Haylee Brady, Amy, Uncle Mike, Brian, Genevieve, Kevin, Maritza (spelling?).  Those seated: Jim, Nana, Mary, Barb

Each chick got it's very own shoebox home, and clothes made by Tralee and Haylee

I'm so happy Nana has such a special night to celebrate her amazing 90 years of life!

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