Saturday, March 30, 2013

Snowmobile Day

One morning we woke up in Canada, and decided to seize the day and start up the old snowmobiles.  Everyone got a turn driving them around -- even the kids!  They thought that was the coolest thing EVER!
Lexi pulling Tralee and Brody.  I kind of LOVE this picture.

Tralee taking Jim for a ride.
Cassi and I were having a really great day -- looks wise.  I mean, we looked pretty amazing in our snowmobiling attire.  So amazing, we took some pictures of ourselves and decided to send them into SnowGoer Magazine or SuperTrax Mag to see if we could be their new models!!!  You'll see what I mean below!  Don't get jeal at how sexy we look. . . 

Pictured above is Leslie.  She's 5'9,  and enjoys tearing it up at a good 5 to 10 MPH through the frosty tundra while riding on a snowmobile.  When she's not zipping through the snow, she loves to practice her meanest NBA dunking basketball face. . . whether there's a hoop around or not.

Meet Cassi.  She's about 5'6 ish, and isn't afraid to let loose in the powder.   She can rock a men's jean jacket like nobody's business (see above), and when she's not tearing it around the snowy tracks, she loves to try on different colored full-mask winter hats.  Orange is her favorite!

The other Jacobs family (minus Brynli)

At first, Hunter didn't want to go out in the snow. He's not a fan of cold weather, but I bundled him up, and made him come out.  I knew once Hunter rode around a few times on a snowmobile, he would love it.  Wouldn't you know it, I was right!  After riding around for a few minutes with Jim, Hunter said, "Again!  Again!  Again!"  I even took Hunter around for a ride.  I'm not sure I was as much fun to ride with as Jim.  I'm a little more cautious.  Jim can tear it up!  

Jim and Hunter

Now that's one sexy face, if you ask me.  Love those baby blues!!!  My knees are getting weak just looking at them.  I love this man, even with all his shenanigans!

Here are all the boys taking a ride.  Jim's driving, Hunter's assisting, and Brody, John, and Collin are riding on the back.  I don't think Jim took it easy on the boys in the back.  After one or two trips around the loop, the guys in back said, "WE'RE DONE!!!!"  

This is Brody's snow devil angel.

Riding around on the snowmobiles that morning was too much fun!  I love going up to Canada!

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