Friday, March 22, 2013

Grammy Jacobs

Grammy Jacobs July 2011

Jim's Grammy passed from this life, into the next last week.  We drove up to Canada the day after we heard the news.  On the drive Jim and I shared our favorite memories of his Grammy with each other (crib games and sayings, the smell of brown bread baking, Grammy teaching Jim art lessons, and eating her fresh home-grown food were just some of the memories shared).  We also imagined what the reunion between her and Grandpa Jacobs could have been like.  The thought of them together again brought smiles to our faces.

The funeral was touching, and honored a woman who, as her children said, "was small in stature, but large in spirit."  If we all strive to be more like Jim's Grammy J, this world would be a much more loving and peaceful place.

For those who have never had the pleasure of getting to know this remarkable lady, here is a video (just click here to watch) about Jim's grandma that will give you a glimpse into the life of a woman who has served her fellow man her entire life.  I'm honored to have married into this family, and to have shared memories with Grammy Jacobs over the 12 years Jim and I have been together.  Here are a few favorite pictures our family has with Grammy Jacobs:  

Tralee and Grammy 2007

Hunter and Grammy July 2009

Playing Crib at Grammy's June 2012

Grammy and Jim in Yesteryears June 2012

Grammy Jacobs June 2012

Below are a few pictures of Jim, his brother, and the other grandsons being pallbearers at Grammy J's funeral.

Jim, his brother John, and the other grandsons carrying Grammy to her burial place.  March 2013

RIP Grammy Jacobs
March 2013

Lastly, after we got home from Canada, Jim and I started talking about the wonderful heritage his grandma has left behind.  She has a museum on her property filled with memories of her and Grandpa Jacobs' life.  I remembered on our last visit, I took a few pictures from their little museum, as well as some video.  I thought I should put a little something together for Jim, as a nice remembrance of his grandparents.  I picked the song, "Happy Trails" as it was the song sung at both Grandpa Jacobs' funeral and Grammy's funeral as the pallbearers carried out their loved ones.  I'm not sure if this is a tradition in the community where Jim grew up, or if this was something special that Grammy and Grandpa Jacobs had planned for their funerals.  Either way, I thought singing "Happy Trails" was/is a lovely tribute to some wonderful people; people who have left us with cherished memories we can share with generations to come.  Here's the video I threw together:

Until we meet again. . . 

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