Friday, July 31, 2009

A Super Fun Idea

I was reading through my magazines (I'm a magazine hound. . . plus I get a lot for them for free!!) and came across a super fun idea in (I think it was) Family Fun Magazine. I already shared this idea with a friend, but decided it was too good so I should blog about it as well. This is a great idea to do with any little one you have at home.

It's called Magical Mailbox. You can preface this idea to you child by first watching A Toy Story or reading The Velveteen Rabbit or something similar to your child. You then explain that their stuffed animals come alive too, when they're not looking. . . or when they're asleep.

Next you and your child create a magical mailbox out of an old shoebox, or something you have around. You let your child decorate it however they want. Next you tell them that this magical mailbox will be for them and the stuffed animal they choose to write letters back and forth. You help your child write a letter or draw a picture to their toy of choice. Before your little one goes to sleep, have them put their letter in the mailbox, and tell them that while they're sleeping their toy will come read it, and write a letter back to them.

This is the parent's chance to have a little fun with their child. Once your child is sleeping, you can write back from their toy, and also slip in a few parental reminders like, "try to remember to be nice to your brother/sister." "Please try at least one veggies at dinner, it will make me really happy, and it will give us more energy to do fun things together while your mommy isn't looking!" You get the idea.

This idea can also be used with your child's favorite character like Cinderella, Dora, etc. Instead of doing the toy comes alive thing, you can tell them that their magical mailbox takes their letters to their favorite princess (or whatever they choose) and they will write them back.

I just thought this idea sounded like a lot of fun! Kids' imaginations are awesome! Tralee won't quite understand this yet, but I know in a year or two we'll be making our very own Magical Mailbox.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A New Thing

Jim and I like to craft and build furniture and shelves on the side. We usually have a lot of leftover wood after he finishes a bigger cabinet job, so instead of trashing it, we put it to good use by building furniture and crafts. It's something we enjoy doing together, so I started a little furniture and crafting blog in the hopes of selling some of our creations. If you would like to take a look go here:

Also, some of the items might look familiar to some people who read this blog. I put up older pieces we built for friends and family in the past to showcase what we can do. The name of each piece is named after the person we built it for. Just a little FYI.

Let us know what you think, or give us any constructive criticism you can think of!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Capital P Capital U

A skunk just sprayed outside our house. I can't sleep now. Gross.

That's country living for ya -- boy howdy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Laugh

I just wanted to write down that Hunter laughed for the first time yesterday. It was a real little boy laugh, and it just about melted my heart. This parenthood thing sure has its perks!

Friday, July 24, 2009

33 Years

30-something years ago this boy

met this girl.

They fell in love,
and 33 years ago today

this happened:

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Wedding Video

I found our wedding video my friend Abby made for us those seven years ago! I never did an anniversary post on May 11, because I was a little busy with our newborn. So. . . consider this my anniversary post. It's my parent's wedding anniversary today, so it's fitting. If you want to watch the video click here. If not, that's fine too.

Love you Jim!! Also, thanks Abby, it was just as much fun watching it this time around as it was the first!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two Reasons I Love Summer

Reason # 1: Fruit Pizza. I love having an abundance of strawberries, blueberries, and other fruit to choose from during my runs to the market. When I get home I try to think of fun ways to utilize my purchases. Fruit pizza is one of them. This was gone in a few days.

Reason # 2: Zucchini Bread. I love it! We don't have our own garden (yet) but the zucchini still found us. One of Jim's acquaintances gave us a couple of the zucchinis he and his wife grew. Thanks to them, I made zucchini bread. Little did Jim or Tralee know I used whole wheat flower, added some grated apple to the zucchini, AND tossed in some flax seed meal for good measure. My mom also taught me to add crushed pineapple. It's so good! These two loaves only lasted us a couple days as well.

Thank you summer, for all of the good food you have to offer!

Monday, July 20, 2009

They love each other. . .

. . . and it makes my heart sing!!!

A Moment

Both of the kids were napping at the same time on Saturday, so I was taking advantage of my free time by folding and putting away clean laundry that had been sitting in baskets for several days. I knew my "free" time was limited, so I was rushing about trying to put the folded laundry away, when I rushed into my room and saw this:

I stopped what I was doing, grabbed the camera, and took some more pictures of this little guy. I knew I never wanted to forget Hunter at that moment, looking all small and cute on our bed. Plus, it's a very rare occasion that I actually make our bed. So, a made bed, combined with a cute little baby sprawled out on it, was an image I wanted to remember forever.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hunter's Two Month Check Up

Hunter and I went to his doctor yesterday for the dreaded two-month checkup. He was such a good boy! Here's all of his growth info:

Height: 23.75 inches long -- 80th%
Weight: 13.81 lbs -- 90th %

What can I say, I make big babies!

I love how cute and chubby Hunter's getting. I mean, those chubby cheeks! I could kiss them all day long and not get sick of it! In fact, I do kiss them all day long and can't get enough!!

The worst part was those darn shots! Breaks my heart! The sad thing was Hunter was all smiles up until the shots. Then his whole world flipped upside down, and he didn't like it. I tried really hard not to cry right along with him, but I did tear up in the end. Oh well.

So there you go. I'm pretty lucky because both of my children are happy and healthy. I feel so blessed!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Canada: The Drive Home

HOORAY!! This is the last Canada post!! Phew!!

The drive home wasn't too bad. The kids were well behaved . . . for the most part. The drive felt longer, cause we did it all in one day instead of breaking it up. We loved having Bones a.k.a Auntie Joni along. She was a lot of fun, and a lot of help with the kids. We miss her already!!

Towards the end of our rather long day in the car, even Curious George couldn't keep Tralee happy, so I had a few tricks up my sleeve. First I gave her some lip gloss to play with and told her to go to town. Boy did she ever! It kept her busy for a good 45 minutes.

After that, Jim kept opening up Tralee's window. That kept her happy for a good thirty minutes or so.

Then. . . the last twenty minutes of the trip is when absolutely nothing but getting out of the car would make Tralee happy. She had a minor melt down. Which woke up Hunter and he started screaming too. We had two unhappy kids for about twenty minutes. Then. . . WE WERE DONE!!!!

We picked Corky up at Aunt Michelle's where her oldest son, Mason watched her for us. Tralee was able to stretch her legs, I fed Hunter, and after hanging out there for a bit we traveled home.

We had so much fun in Canada, but it's good to be back!!

Canada: The Reception

Jim's youngest sister, Cammi, got married back in December to her sweetheart, Chase. They had their reception on the Saturday we were up there. Here are the pictures from that event:

Jim, Leslie, Hunter, Chase, Cammi, Trish, Jeff, Joni

Jim, Tralee, Leslie, Hunter, Joni, Chase, Cammi, Grammy Jacobs, Ross, Judy, Nikki, Channing

I think the above picture is my favorite. Look at Bones -- she's hilarious at looking clueless in the photo! It makes me laugh.

Tralee was spinning. I think she was about to trip in the above photo.

Aunt Channing is magical! She made Hunter fall asleep during the program and he stayed that way the whole way through!!! YES!!!

Below is a video of Jim and Joni singing during the program. They sound GREAT!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Canada: Hunter's Blessing

Jim and I traveled up to Canada not only to vacation, and attend Cammi's reception, but we also thought it would be an ideal time to bless Hunter. It was a great experience. The blessing was very intimate. The circle consisted of Jim, Grandpa Ross, Grandpa Jeff, and a member of the bishopric up in Canada, who Jim just so happened to grow up with. We blessed Hunter at Grammy Jacobs' house, which was nice because Hunter got his middle name from his late Great Grandpa Jacobs. Hunter Owen was blessed in Mervyn Owen's house.

The blessing was wonderful. Jim had to take a few seconds before he was able to start. The spirit was there and Hunter was surrounded with love. Hunter was blessed with all the wonderful gifts you would want your child to be blessed with from above. I can't wait to see how they transpire as our little guy grows into manhood.

I've come to find that I really like blessing my children in more intimate settings. Not that the church setting isn't great, but Tralee was also blessed in our friend's home and those in attendance were family and friends. It's really nice having a small group of people who are just there to share in the blessing of your child.

We're so grateful for the new addition in our home. Sorry for all the pictures, but since this blog is also our family journal I didn't want to leave out anything.

Jim and Hunter right before the blessing

Aunt Nikki amusing Tralee

Family shot

Grandpa Ross, Jim, Hunter, Tralee, a stuffed animal bear, Leslie, and Grandma Judy

Grandpa Jeff, Jim, Hunter, Tralee, stuffed white bear, Leslie, Grandma Tricia

Jim, Grandma Jacobs, Hunter Owen, Tralee, Bear, Leslie

Aunt Channing, Aunt Joni, Aunt Nikki, Hunter, Aunt Cammi

Grandma Trish, Grandma Jacobs, Hunter
We had to wake Tralee up from a nap and give her a bath before the blessing. She was a grump for the first few minutes. Thus, this pictures came to pass.

Good thring Tralee has Aunts to help cheer her up. Aunt Cammi is holding her upside down, and Tralee loved it!
Aunt Joni and Tralee enjoyed fake eating fake fruit together.

Mother son shot

Our little man looking daper.
Grandpa Ross, Hunter, Jim, and Cheif Mountain in the background
Four generation picture
Jim and Hunter
The two newest additions to the Jacobs family. Cammi's hubby Chase, and Hunter
Grammy and Hunter

Grammy and the kids

Hunter and his Mommy

This photo was taken before the blessing. Aunt Channing got Hunter all dolled up in some nice pink and white sunglasses. The boy can pull them off!