Friday, July 31, 2009

A Super Fun Idea

I was reading through my magazines (I'm a magazine hound. . . plus I get a lot for them for free!!) and came across a super fun idea in (I think it was) Family Fun Magazine. I already shared this idea with a friend, but decided it was too good so I should blog about it as well. This is a great idea to do with any little one you have at home.

It's called Magical Mailbox. You can preface this idea to you child by first watching A Toy Story or reading The Velveteen Rabbit or something similar to your child. You then explain that their stuffed animals come alive too, when they're not looking. . . or when they're asleep.

Next you and your child create a magical mailbox out of an old shoebox, or something you have around. You let your child decorate it however they want. Next you tell them that this magical mailbox will be for them and the stuffed animal they choose to write letters back and forth. You help your child write a letter or draw a picture to their toy of choice. Before your little one goes to sleep, have them put their letter in the mailbox, and tell them that while they're sleeping their toy will come read it, and write a letter back to them.

This is the parent's chance to have a little fun with their child. Once your child is sleeping, you can write back from their toy, and also slip in a few parental reminders like, "try to remember to be nice to your brother/sister." "Please try at least one veggies at dinner, it will make me really happy, and it will give us more energy to do fun things together while your mommy isn't looking!" You get the idea.

This idea can also be used with your child's favorite character like Cinderella, Dora, etc. Instead of doing the toy comes alive thing, you can tell them that their magical mailbox takes their letters to their favorite princess (or whatever they choose) and they will write them back.

I just thought this idea sounded like a lot of fun! Kids' imaginations are awesome! Tralee won't quite understand this yet, but I know in a year or two we'll be making our very own Magical Mailbox.


Necha said...

That is cute. I can't wait to do it when my kids are just a little bit older! Fun, and then I can manipulate them into cleaning and doing the dishes!!

Nana said...

What a fun idea,you'd be able to teach them things that you'd like them to do by letting the Mail Box deliver the message. Like be kind to your sister, say thank you or excuse me etc. I think you are going to have fun with it. Be sure to post some of the things that take place so I too can enjoy them

Audie said...

As you already know, Jovie loves her mailbox!! We went to Albertson's tonight and she took it into the store with her in a green albertson's bag. She's attached!!