Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two Reasons I Love Summer

Reason # 1: Fruit Pizza. I love having an abundance of strawberries, blueberries, and other fruit to choose from during my runs to the market. When I get home I try to think of fun ways to utilize my purchases. Fruit pizza is one of them. This was gone in a few days.

Reason # 2: Zucchini Bread. I love it! We don't have our own garden (yet) but the zucchini still found us. One of Jim's acquaintances gave us a couple of the zucchinis he and his wife grew. Thanks to them, I made zucchini bread. Little did Jim or Tralee know I used whole wheat flower, added some grated apple to the zucchini, AND tossed in some flax seed meal for good measure. My mom also taught me to add crushed pineapple. It's so good! These two loaves only lasted us a couple days as well.

Thank you summer, for all of the good food you have to offer!


Necha said...

Yum, now I want some!

Joni said...

Yum!! I love fruit pizza! I haven't had that in ages!

Audie said...

I'm sad I wasn't invited for fruit pizza. It looks delish. You make such a healthy zucchini bread. I add chocolate chips and raisins to mine. *drool*