Sunday, November 11, 2012

Free Christmas Printables

Last year I made some free Christmas printables, and I thought I'd make it a tradition.  I sized all of these printables to 8x10, so you can simply print them from your home computer (I like to print onto high quality cardstock or photo paper), or you can send them to your favorite photo printing place (I like Costco) and do it that way.  Either way, if you pop these babies into a frame you'll have yourself some beautiful (and easy) Christmas decor.  Or. . . are you looking for a quick and easy Christmas gift?  Find a nice inexpensive frame, insert printable, and -- TA-DA -- "Merry Christmas friends and neighbors, here's a gift just for  you!"

To print:

For a Mac:  Simply click, drag, and drop into a folder or your desktop, then print however you choose.  
For a PC:  Highlight, right click, and save somewhere on your computer, then print to your liking.

Here's the link to view last year's Christmas printables:  Christmas 2011 free printables.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Happy Holidays!!   

For more Buddy the Elf quotes and printables check out my Etsy shop:  Leslie Love Prints.


Also, for some more holiday inspiration go here to see an adorable make and take party where one of these printables was featured.  Thanks Angie of Oopsie Maizie for your fun holiday ideas!!


Necha said...

I love them all!

Unknown said...

I can't se3m to download any of your printables to my tablet. Do I have to be logged in or can you think of what I could be doing wrong ?