Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We Made it to Las Vegas!

We drove to Vegas the Monday before Thanksgiving to visit Jim's brother, John and his family.  John and Cassi have three kids that are close to my kids' ages, so it's safe to say we all had a blast!  I don't even think I heard from Tralee the whole time we were there unless she needed something or if I was making her do something totally uncool, like take a bath or brush her teeth.  Other than that, she was off playing.

Tuesday was our first full day in Vegas.  We mostly hung out during the day, and went partying on Fremont Street that night.  We had a lot of fun with family.

Cute baby Brynli.  I can't believe this was the first time I met her!  Look at those eyes!  Adorable!
Brody and his new dog


Tralee decided she wants a pogo stick after using her cousins.
Jim and John walking their babies.  They're such cool dads!  
Such a little ham
Trying on the crowns and beads.
Watching the show above.
Isn't Brody a cutiepie?
I don' t think Brynli was all that impressed with the show, but gosh she's a cutie!
Check out Hunter!  He didn't miss a thing!

Here's a video of Tralee dancing on Fremont Street.  She was feelin' it!
You can tell they're siblings, can't you?
Watching a street magician.  Tralee called his floating cigarette a "smoking stick."   That made me smile!  Tralee was also AMAZED at everything the magician did.  She down right slapped both hands on her cheeks, and had a bugged out expression after several of his tricks.  I think I watched her more than the magic show.
Hunter had had enough of the Vegas shenanigans for one night, so he fell asleep looking like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.

It was good night.

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