Monday, November 26, 2012

Zion National Park

We made it to our first destination, St. George, UT late Friday night.  We checked into our hotel, got settled, and slept in until the kiddies woke us up Saturday morning.

Saturday was kind of a hang-out day.  We took the kids swimming at our hotel's pool, ran some errands, and went running.  Later on Jim's sister, Adrienne took me out to a delish Indian/Asian restaurant.  My mouth waters every time I think about it.  I need to go back to St. George, just so I can eat there again -- the company was fantastic too! 

Sunday we all piled into Adrienne's car and drove to Zion National Park.  It was stunning.  We drove through some tunnels, went on some hikes, and ended our night at a yummy pizza place and then candy/ice cream shop for dessert.  I even found some candy cigarettes I used to get on road trips when I was a kid.  I totally bought them, then offered my nieces some ciggies - the bubblegum variety.  I felt like such a rebel!  Next thing you know, I'll need a bubblegum patch to wear to stop my cravings for blowing bubbles. 

All in all, our day in Zion was heavenly!
Just about to drive through a mountain

You can't tell me that that's not beautiful!

The start of our hike
Heading up the trail

Hunter makes a weird face when we tell him to smile for a picture.  Everyone tried to copy it -- even Hunter.

This is the end of the Narrows hike.  Jim has done this hike a few times with friends.  I would be too afraid of flash floods to hike between two mountains, but I'm glad I got to see a bit of it.
Tandra and Cassi, some of my favorite gals in the whole world!  
Tralee was playing Rapunzel in the picture on the left.  She's just being a dare-devil in the one on the right.
Jim skipping rocks, Cassi by the water, and a branch/root Adrienne found that looks like a woman.  Anyone else see it?

Tandra, Jim, Tralee, and Hunter at Weeping Rock
Hunter watching the drops of water fall
drip drip drip
Family photo
She smiles!
Adrienne, Tralee (being forced to smile - she was hungry at this point), Hunter, Jim, Cassi, and Tandra
Yummy ice cream and candy shop.  I bought some salted chocolate covered caramels that blew my pants right off they were so amazing!
"Hey kids, fancy a Lucky Light?  All the cool Aunts nostalgic for their days of youth are chewing them!"

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