Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Jacobs and the Chocolate Factory

We had a lot of fun the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  During the day we hung out, Cassi, my SIL, and I did some grocery shopping to get ready for Turkey Day.  Jim watched the kids while we cracked ourselves up at the grocery store.  There were some nice looking fireman also doing their shopping, and we were coming up with scenarios to get their attention.  I was doing a Monica (from Friends) inspired bit where I was rubbing a can of chili on my face saying, "Oooo, Mr. Fireman this can of chili is like fire on my face.  Maybe you should put it out."  You would have to be a Friends fan to truly appreciate my foolery.  Mid-bit a lady I hadn't noticed was trying to get by.  She eventually said, "EXCUSE ME!" in the middle of my bit.  She must have thought I was crazy.  That made me laugh even more.  Good times.  

After shopping, we got ready, and everyone headed out for a night on the town.  John, Jim's brother, suggested going to a local chocolate factory as they had just put up their Christmas light.  That sounded good to us, so off we went.

First was stopped for dinner at Jim and John's old family restaurant:  Jimmy Johns.  

Chowing down
The chocolate factory did not disappoint.  The lights were beautiful and chocolate yummy!

All the lights
I love all of Tralee's poses for pictures

I couldn't talk her out of wearing that shirt.  More on that later.  Crazy girl
Silly girls
The candy man can!
Lexi getting her chocolate sample
Sampling some chocolate
Special brothers and cute Lexi-Jo
I love this picture of Tralee and Lexi
Family pic.
While looking at lights we had our first lost child scenario happen.  I told Jim I had to go to the bathroom, so as I was in the ladies' room Cassi came in and asked, "Is Tralee in here with you?"  She sure wasn't!  When I made it back outside, I noticed all the adults in our party looking around for Tralee.  I joined them.  I started to panic as it is NOT LIKE Tralee to just wander off.  I searched the gift shop, and I heard Jim doing our family whistle over and over again.  The whistle in a chickadee bird call, and whenever we do it, our kids come running.  We wanted Tralee to follow the sound, if she was lost.  

After a few more seconds of panic, searching, and whistling ensued I heard John go, "There she is!"  I watched as our little girl ran across the parking lot, tears streaming down her face, into Jim's arms.  I rushed over and heard her little voice tell us what happened.  She said, "I saw a lady walking away sniff sniff hiccup and I thought it was Mommy.  Her hair looked like Mommy's.  hiccup hiccup.  Then she turned around and she wasn't wearing hiccup sniff sniff any glasses and she was old and I knew it wasn't Mommy.  Then I didn't know hiccup hiccup how to find my way hiccup back." 

 Poor girl had followed a lady into the dark parking because she thought it was me!  Then when she realized it wasn't Mommy, she was lost in a maze of cars, all alone and scarred.  We asked her if she heard the family whistle, and she said she did, but sometimes it sounded like it was far away.  She finally decided to go towards the lights, and listened for the whistle, and finally she saw Jim.  I felt so bad for her, and so relieved that we found our little girl!  We love her a lot and kinda want to keep her around for awhile. 

After all the fun and drama at the chocolate factory, we drove to the Bellagio, walked around, and watched a water show at the fountains.   
Lexi and Tralee.  I couldn't talk Tralee out of wearing that t-shirt.  She had colored it oh-so-proudly with her cousin Lexi and wanted to show the world their talents.  I sighed and decided to loose that battle, even though I had a really cute shirt picked out for her to wear.  Oh well.
Chihuly glass ceiling!!
We called it night after all the wee ones started yawing and complaining about tired feet.  It was a fun night (minus loosing a child)!


Boom said...

I do so love your posts! I know NaNa does too.

Debi said...

I'm so glad you went and spent some time with John and Cassi's family. I haven't seen them for a couple of years! Can't believe how old their kids look!