Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween '12

Our Halloween was fun as usual.  We just stayed around our place this year -- that's the first time we've ever done that, and it was SO nice!

Earlier that day Hunter and I went to Great Harvest Bread and stocked up on their pumpkin bread bowls.  On the way home I stopped by our neighbors' house and invited them over for soup and caramel apple cider to kick off our night of tricks and treats.

After stuffing our faces with homemade clam chowder (easier than I thought, and pretty delish), we got dressed up and met our neighbors outside to begin the candy gettin'.

As far as costumes go, Tralee was a cat, and Hunter was Superman.  Both costumes required minimal effort on my part (hooray!) and my babes were happy in them.  Jim went as a scary VERY tall zombie man again this year.  Tralee asked me why I wasn't dressing up, then told me I HAD to wear a costume.  I ended up telling her I was a nudist on strike.  She looked confused, but didn't mind too much since I was at least SOMETHING.  Our neighbors' cute kids both went as oompa loompas.  They were so funny and adorable!

My kiddos didn't last too terribly long.  The last house we trick-or-treated at was our own.  Jim ran in and was ready with candy when Hunter rang the doorbell.  It was so nice to just walk right in and not have to drive anywhere.  Our friends stayed over for a bit to sip on some cider.  After the festivities wound down and our friends left, our own little family transformed back into ourselves (I was relieved to no longer be a nudist -- even one on strike), changed into jammies, and decided to watch a Halloween movie together and snack on our loot.

But before we changed, we took a few scary pics.  Halloween isn't Halloween without a little bit of scare.


See what I mean?


Boom said...


Love you!


Mary Ann Carlile said...

Haha! Cute post! Glad you had a nice Halloween. I love the "nudist on strike" thing!