Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh the Wonder that is Channing

So, my sister-in-law was bugging me about blogging, so I thought I would do a special post just for her. What can I say about my dear lovely Channing? Let's start with the fact that she's the kind of person that makes you laugh without even trying. I find myself laughing when I just think about Channing.

She's GREAT to take along when you want pictures taken. Jim and I were trying to get some family shots up in Canada, and we brought Channing along. She was being so funny and clever Jim and I both had huge smiles on our faces in every picture she took.

Jim has some pretty hilarious memories about Chan-Chan. For instance, when she was little Jim used to tease her merely for the fact that when Channing had had enough she would say things like"frim-a-dim-dim" and call Jim a name she would make up right then and there on the spot. Each name was unique, and hilariously an original Channing.

Another reason we love Channing includes the fact that EVERY time we take her anywhere near the Belly River she gets hurt. And every time she gets hurt we have to give her a nick-name. Her first nick-name was Channing Wounded-Knee. This was because when she floated the river her knee knocked into a rock and the rock apparently "shattered her knee." Since then her name is Wounded-Knee. Last summer while at the river she managed to actually fracture a bone in her leg when her foot became stuck between two rocks and she fell. Now she's Channing Shattered-Leg. Poor Channing!

We also love Channing because she has a contagious energy around her. You can't help but get excited and do and say crazy things around Channing. She's hilarious.

What is equally hilarious is the nick-name Jim gave Chan-Chan back in the day. Jim met Channing when she was just a little girl right around the time Ross and Judy got married. Jim instantly started calling her Hacksaw Jim Duggan -- Hacksaw for short. So don't get confused if you ever hear Jim say something like, "Hey Hacksaw, HOOOOOOOOOO!"

Channing has also made me laugh harder than any other person when she told the infamous "inner tube story" I won't repeat it, but if you get the chance, you need to ask her about it. However, you might have to be a member of the Fat Girl's Club before she'll tell you. That night on the porch where I was introduced to the Fat Girl's Club was one of the funniest nights of my life!!! Nothing can top that, or the stories that were shared.

What else can I say about the wonder that is Channing? She's a funny, outrageous, caring person that I just love.

We love you Hacksaw!!! You're irreplaceable!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Park Time!

Tralee and I have been going to the park for lunch again. We missed a few weeks because of all the traveling, babysitting, and other activities, but I think we're finally back in our groove. Jim was able to come with us yesterday on his lunch break. Since we go to the park everyday I usually don't bring my camera, but decided to snap a few shots yesterday, and I'm glad I did.

I love this picture of Jim and Tralee. Tralee looks so content up there on her Daddy's shoulders.

This picture just makes me realize how big Tralee is getting. She looks more and more like a little girl and less and less like my baby everyday! I can't believe how tall she is!!

Tralee has learned how to climb ladders. When I was watering Jeff and Tricia's yard last week I turned around for two seconds and Tralee was halfway up their ladder! I went over to her and waited to see how high she would climb. I wasn't all that surprised that she climbed all the way to the top, and was looking for a way to climb up onto their roof. The girl has no fear!! Yesterday at the park she was drawn to the little ladders. She was pretty proud to be climbing again.

I have no idea why she does this. For some reason she feels the need to place wood chips on every swing's seat. Don't ask me why.
We had fun at the park, and Tralee took a nice long nap when we got home. Gotta love it!

Crafty Girl

While I was cleaning the kitchen yesterday I wanted to give Tralee something to do, so I brought out some foam stickers and a sheet of paper and let her have at it.
By the end of her craft session she had more stickers on her shirt than on the piece of paper. As long as she had fun and stayed busy, I was just fine with it. Later on we went to the park, and Tralee was still wearing her new fashion statement. I could tell all the other kids were green with jealousy at her amazing looking shirt! She even let me wear a few of the stickers on my shirt as well. We were two stylish babes at the park! :)

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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Canyon County Fair

Saturday afternoon Jim came home from his Scouting High Adventure camp (pictures of that to come soon -- hopefully). He and the boys had a blast. Even though I could tell Jim was beat from the trip, he still managed to take Tralee and I to the Canyon County Fair. We were excited to do something as a family again, and the fair was in town, so we went.I have to say, The Canyon County Fair was nothing to get excited about. Maybe I'm spoiled, having grown up in Milwaukee where there's Summerfest, the world's largest music festival, a whole bunch of cultural fests, and the Wisconsin State Fair all thrown into one summer. Each event is pretty great. At least I remember them being really fun. Or, maybe I'm just homesick for Wisconsin, either way the Canyon County Fair was a little lame. But, we made the best of it.First Jim played a fair game -- and lost. Was it worth the five bucks to throw three basketballs into mishapped basketball hoops? Not really, but we just chalked it up as a fun fair experience. Then we saw the ducky game. Tralee loves her rubber duckies at home, so we thought she would be all over it. To our surprise she wanted nothing to do with touching the duckies. I guess I can't really blame her. The worker was kind of scary, and the duckies were probably germ infested anyways. Jim and I ended up picking the three ducks for her. She won a "medium" sized prize. It was a snow leopard stuffed animal. I'm glad we got a picture of her holding it, because somewhere between the games and the cow poop, the little leopard got lost. Oh well.After the games, we walked around the 4-h exhibits, the little booths selling stuff, and then into the animal auction area. There were cows, goose, goats, chickens, and lambs for sale. Tralee enjoyed checking out the animals. A goat enjoyed snacking on Tralee's stroller. We didn't notice until another person pointed out the goat munching away on a the stroller's basket. No serious damage was done. There were some hilarious looking chickens there. They looked like muppets! Those were our favorite. There's a pictures of one in the bottom right of the collage below. Lastly we passed the food vendors. We saw some really interesting fair food. Do people actually eat fried twinkies? Sounds kinda gross to me, but whatever. Jim and I went to the pronto pup booth and bought some strawberry lemonade. It was pretty good. We all shared it. Then we went to the main arena where Three Dog Night was going to perform. We contemplated sticking around for the concert, but it was hot, Tralee was getting cranky, and we were hungry for some normal food, so we left.It was nice to get out of the house and see some interesting things. I've gotta admit, some of the people at the fair were much more interesting to see than the fair festivities. The human race comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and we saw just about every size and shape at the fair. People watching was entertaining to say the least.
After the fair we went grocery shopping, came home, popped in a movie, and just enjoyed each other's company.

Overall it was a good day. We're happy to have Jim home.


Tralee is a pretty good sharer. For instance, the other day I observed her sharing her milk with Elmo. I didn't suggest this to Tralee, she came up with it on her own. Elmo must have looked parched. So as Tralee shared with Elmo, I snapped a few shots of her feeding her friend. She's so thoughtful!

Elmo's Turn . . .

. . .Tralee's Turn. . .
. . . Elmo's turn again.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hockey Gear is Made for Wearin'

While I was folding laundry the other day, Tralee took interest in her Daddy's hockey gear. I washed a whole bunch of hockey stuff, because it smelled like sweaty man. Jim probably won't even notice the difference next time he puts it on, but I'll sure feel better about it. Anyways, while the hockey gear was sitting in the laundry basket Tralee discovered the gloves, and put them on all by herself.

I decided to put the knee pads on her as well. So this is what she looked like.

She was pretty proud of her new outfit.

To finish the look we fashioned Tralee with a hat (okay, I know it's not a hat, but it looked cuter than if I put it on her leg.)
So there we go, once again I'm reminded how much Tralee takes after her Daddy. First it was a basketball and golf ball Tralee was obsessed with, now it's hockey stuff. I have a feeling I'm in for quite a ride with this little munchkin!
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Haylee

My niece is six today! Is that possible? Haylee is a sweet little girl that I don't get to see all that often since she lives in Wisconsin. However, when I do get the chance to visit with her, she cracks me up. Her personality reminds me so much of my brother Jimmy's when he was younger. Ya gotta love it! I hope this special day brings lots of happiness and joy to Haylee!

Much Love and Happy Birthday Wishes From,

Aunt Leslie, Uncle Jim, Tralee and Corky
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I was right there when this happened!

I was checking my e-mail the other day, when I realized that Tralee, who was sitting right by my feet, was being awfully quiet. I glanced down and this is what I saw:
A pen must have fell on the ground off of our computer table.

So what's a mom to do? Take pictures then administer a bath. She was going to take a bath that morning anyways, can you tell?

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

They Met
They fell in love
and they got married.
Through the years they've danced Smiledwelcomed three beautiful children into the world vacationed together married off their children and
welcomed grandchildren shared laughter and tearsand through it all they have remained best friends

Happy 32nd Anniversary Mom and Dad and many more to come!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Could Be Fun

Memory Game!
Here is a fun little game... leave a comment (or a few) on my blog of a memory that you and I have had together. It doesn't matter if you've known me for a short time or a long time, anything that you remember! Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It is pretty funny to read the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you are playing and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. On your mark... get set... blog those memories!

Ya gotta love stories like this. . .

Monday, July 21, 2008

Random Updates

I use my blog as a family journal of sorts, and I have a lot to catch up on, so please excuse the random post. I also didn't have any pictures to go along with this post, so I just slapped a few recent favorites up here for your viewing pleasure. We've been staying busy this summer. Shortly after returning from the Callister reunion Jim and I babysat Jim's Uncle's kids. We got back last night from that, and had a few hours together as a family before Jim had to pack up for a Scouting High Adventure camp. So, it's just Tralee and me until Jim returns. I'll stay busing doing Primary things, watering Tricia and Jeff's yard while they're away, playing with Tralee, and dealing with my stupid front tooth while Jim's gone.

I got a root canal done last Monday, and the dentist said there's a 70% chance my infection is cured. I guess I fell into the lucky 30% because I think the infection is still present. Now I might have to have surgery. YUCK-O! This sucks for many reasons, but the main reason is we don't have dental insurance since Jim is self employed. So all of these dental expenses are quite pricey. Why-oh-why did I have to fall down a flight of stairs and smack my front tooth onto the cement? If I could go back in time I don't think I would have been so stupid.Tralee's latest and greatest happenings include the start of temper tantrums. When she gets mad she plops down on her bum and starts crying. They're not the worst tantrums I've seen, but I could do with out them, especially when they're done in public. She also LOVES to jump on trampolines. Jim's Uncle has one at ground level and all Tralee wanted to do while we were there was jump. She got pretty good at it too.
I was telling Jim's Mom about something cute Tralee did while we were in Ohio, and I thought I better write it down before I forget. I played my piano while visiting my parents, and didn't realize how closely Tralee was paying attention to me until I saw her climb up on the piano bench, sit down, thumb through some pages of music, select something to play, and then begin to pound out her own tune. After she finished with one "song" she would thumb through some more music, pick another song, and begin to play again. I wish I would have captured it on video, because it cracked me up. You might have thought nothing much of her piano capabilities, but I think it was the beginnings of a musical genius.I think that's all I'll post for now. I have to call the dentist and endodontist and schedule some appointments. I hope to get rid of this stupid tooth problem soon!