Monday, July 13, 2009

Canada: Post Numeral Uno

We're back from the Great White North. Actually, it wasn't all that white (thankfully) while we were there. In fact, it was quite green.

Before I start telling you about our adventures in the place where maple leafs reign supreme I have to show you my cute new do. My friend Audie cut and dyed my hair. I LOVE it! I was ready for a change. I cut off TONS of hair, it was a crazy thing to do, but I love the results. Thanks Audie!!

Now, back to Canada.

My folks helped fund the following adventures and we're sure grateful to them for helping us out. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Jim, the kiddlets, and I left for Canada last Monday evening. We drove to Pocatello, ID where we met up with Jim's little sister Joni, who drove from St. George. We stayed the night at the Red Lion Inn for really cheap thanks to the Priceline Negotiator -- did you hear the priceline jingle while you read that? I heard it while I was typing it. Poor Joni had the "privilege" of sharing a bed with Tralee. Tralee wasn't too sure about Joni yet, so she whined half the night, and spent the other half of the night kicking Joni's back. If you're reading this -- Sorry Bones!

Bright and early Tuesday morning we crammed into our little Lucy, and made a B-Line towards Canada. I sat in the back with Thing One and Thing Two while Jim and Joni sat up front. Tralee and Hunter were GREAT the entire trip! Tralee watched Curious George, sipped from her Princess sippy cup, snacked on Curious George fruit snacks among other goodies, and hardly complained about how long a drive it is up to Canada -- especially for a restless two-year-old. When we did stop for lunch, Jim made sure we picked a joint that had a play area for Tralee to run around and release some energy. It worked out great, because right after we got back into the car she zonked out.

Hunter was awesome as well. As long as he wasn't hungry he stayed happy.

We made it up to Canada at around 6pm on Tuesday. Jim, Ross, Joni, and Tralee went fishing after dinner while Hunter, Judy, and I chit-chatted. Actually, Hunter didn't do much chittering or chattering, he listened intently while the ladies babbled.

Old Chief Mountain as seen from Romeril's Lake (not sure I spelled that correctly)

Joni took the above pictures for me while I stayed behind. She said Tralee had fun throwing rocks in the water and picking wild flowers -- that's my girl!

Wednesday Jim golfed not only on the three-hole golf course that also doubles as Ross and Judy's yard, but Ross took Jim to Waterton National Park to have a go at their course as well. Earlier in the day our family went to Mountain View School while Ross was working to play in the gym. Tralee loved it. She rolled and bounced all the basketballs, ran up and down the hardwood, and watched Jim and I play catch with these little catcher things. It was fun.

Jim's shooting a basket at his old stomping ground. He went to Mountain View School from kindergarten to Grade 9.

He even made the above shot!!! Can you believe it?

Hunter was so happy about Jim using him as a basketball!

Tralee wasn't too sure about those bears up there. She kept a watchful eye on them.

Thursday morning Jim and I took the kids to Waterton National Park. It's seriously one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Tricia joined us as well. We went to all the attractions we thought a two-year-old would enjoy. Including driving through the buffalo refuge, Red Rock Canyon, the big waterfall (not sure what it's called), the lake, a playground, and ice cream at The Big Scoop.

Isn't it beautiful! Jim's so lucky to have grown up there!

Jim taught Tralee how to make war paint. She's applying it on him in the above picture.

The finished results of Tralee's paint job

The look on Tralee's face in the above picture made our entire trip to Canada worth while.

Tralee loved it all. We let her pick out her own ice cream flavor, and of course she picked the most colorful one: Cotton Candy. She loved that ice cream cone, and would let us take licks, but if we tried to take the entire cone she protested.

After Waterton, we dropped Trish off, went back to Ross and Judy's and while Jim loaded up the fishing gear with Ross, the kids and I took naps. It was AWESOME! Seriously. The best nap ever. Jim went and fished and I was perfectly content to sleep a bit. I was so grateful my children complied.

Besides running around on the three-hole-golf course (seriously, Ross even created REAL golf greens in their yard, with golf holes with flags in them to boot!), Tralee's other favorite past times included chasing around and holding Misty, their black kitty. By the time we left Tralee knew exactly where to look to find that poor thing. Misty probably got way more attention than she's used to. Tralee also spent a good majority of the time sitting at the table and coloring with some markers she found in one of Judy's kitchen drawers. Her other favorite activity was playing the guitar with Jim. Together they mastered one of the greats: The Wheels on the Bus.

Okay, I'm done for now. That pretty much sums up the first few days of our Canadian adventure. More to come soon.


Joni said...

Nice post!! I'm glad I went up with you guys! It was so much fun.

Boom said...

Wow! It is beautiful. Hunter is really changing. He's so cute! Love your hair!


Jim said...

Thanks for the pictures.

Looks like you had a great time.


Mary Ann Carlile said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! This post brought back lots of wonderful memories. Now I have a hankerin' for some of that ice cream from Waterton. Speaking of, did you eat a Wunderbar for me??!