Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Canada: Hunter's Blessing

Jim and I traveled up to Canada not only to vacation, and attend Cammi's reception, but we also thought it would be an ideal time to bless Hunter. It was a great experience. The blessing was very intimate. The circle consisted of Jim, Grandpa Ross, Grandpa Jeff, and a member of the bishopric up in Canada, who Jim just so happened to grow up with. We blessed Hunter at Grammy Jacobs' house, which was nice because Hunter got his middle name from his late Great Grandpa Jacobs. Hunter Owen was blessed in Mervyn Owen's house.

The blessing was wonderful. Jim had to take a few seconds before he was able to start. The spirit was there and Hunter was surrounded with love. Hunter was blessed with all the wonderful gifts you would want your child to be blessed with from above. I can't wait to see how they transpire as our little guy grows into manhood.

I've come to find that I really like blessing my children in more intimate settings. Not that the church setting isn't great, but Tralee was also blessed in our friend's home and those in attendance were family and friends. It's really nice having a small group of people who are just there to share in the blessing of your child.

We're so grateful for the new addition in our home. Sorry for all the pictures, but since this blog is also our family journal I didn't want to leave out anything.

Jim and Hunter right before the blessing

Aunt Nikki amusing Tralee

Family shot

Grandpa Ross, Jim, Hunter, Tralee, a stuffed animal bear, Leslie, and Grandma Judy

Grandpa Jeff, Jim, Hunter, Tralee, stuffed white bear, Leslie, Grandma Tricia

Jim, Grandma Jacobs, Hunter Owen, Tralee, Bear, Leslie

Aunt Channing, Aunt Joni, Aunt Nikki, Hunter, Aunt Cammi

Grandma Trish, Grandma Jacobs, Hunter
We had to wake Tralee up from a nap and give her a bath before the blessing. She was a grump for the first few minutes. Thus, this pictures came to pass.

Good thring Tralee has Aunts to help cheer her up. Aunt Cammi is holding her upside down, and Tralee loved it!
Aunt Joni and Tralee enjoyed fake eating fake fruit together.

Mother son shot

Our little man looking daper.
Grandpa Ross, Hunter, Jim, and Cheif Mountain in the background
Four generation picture
Jim and Hunter
The two newest additions to the Jacobs family. Cammi's hubby Chase, and Hunter
Grammy and Hunter

Grammy and the kids

Hunter and his Mommy

This photo was taken before the blessing. Aunt Channing got Hunter all dolled up in some nice pink and white sunglasses. The boy can pull them off!


Joni said...

Oh man. First, Hunter has the best smile ever! Second, I could fake eat fake fruit all day with Tralee if she let me. :) Lastly, that was the best baby blessing I ever attended! Good job Jim! And Leslie, you're the best little Mommy ever. I love you guys!

Necha said...

That is too too cute! I wish I could have been there, but I wasn't invited. lol...just kidding. We blessed both of our kids in church-because our ward would have slaughtered us if we hadn't, but I like the "at home" blessings as well. Garrett and Ben have done that, and it's so cool! Maybe the next one...if we are in a different ward...:)

Audie said...

What a handsome little boy! His blessing outfit is super cute.