Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Canada: The Reception

Jim's youngest sister, Cammi, got married back in December to her sweetheart, Chase. They had their reception on the Saturday we were up there. Here are the pictures from that event:

Jim, Leslie, Hunter, Chase, Cammi, Trish, Jeff, Joni

Jim, Tralee, Leslie, Hunter, Joni, Chase, Cammi, Grammy Jacobs, Ross, Judy, Nikki, Channing

I think the above picture is my favorite. Look at Bones -- she's hilarious at looking clueless in the photo! It makes me laugh.

Tralee was spinning. I think she was about to trip in the above photo.

Aunt Channing is magical! She made Hunter fall asleep during the program and he stayed that way the whole way through!!! YES!!!

Below is a video of Jim and Joni singing during the program. They sound GREAT!!!!


Amberly said...

loved the song! I miss that!

Joni said...

Thos pictures are sooo awesome! And I love that little dress Tralee wore. I love all of it! Thanks Leslie.

Boom said...

Great Post!

Audie said...

I really like the dress you had on. It's a great color on you. The song was great. I thought Jim would start doing some dance or something weird but he remained serious. Impressive!

Necha said...

WHAT!!! I didn't know Jim could sing! How did I not know that!? Wowza! And just a side note...I love that song. :)