Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Outing

We had a lot of fun today. Frankly I'm a little beat from all the playing so I'll just list what we did:

1. Woke up, ate blueberry pancakes, packed up our things, and drove toward downtown Boise to play with the other Jacobs family. As soon as we told Tralee she was going to see Jovie today all we heard was, "Weewee! Weewee!" That's how she says Jovie.

2. Met up with the other Jacobs family and walked around Boise's Saturday market.

3. Decided it was too crowded and walked to Julia Davis Park for the Soul Food Festival

4. Bought some soul food, listened to some live soulful music, watched Jovie and Tralee dance around.

5. Left the park and went swimming at Jared and Audie's. It felt GREAT!!!!! It was such a hot day I couldn't wait to get in the water. Tralee had a blast! I think everybody did. Hunter layed around in the shade like the cute little lump that he is.

6. Ordered and ate pizza while watching a movie. The little girls watched a movie of their own.

7. Went through a car wash, stopped at Winco for a few groceries, came home.

8. Typed on the old blog-a-roo.

I only took pictures from the first part of the day, then forgot about the camera. So these are the only pictures you get.

Waiting for Jovie to arrive.

Friends holding hands while perusing the market

This has GOT to be one of my favorite pictures. Look how awesome Jovie and Tralee look! I LOVE IT!

Waiting in the tunnel while leaving the Soul Food Festival

Still waiting to leave. . . but looking cute while doing it.


Joni said...

Fun! i love the picture with the sunglasses. They look fabulous!

Audie said...

I like how Jovie is holding Tralee's thumb in the pic with the sunglasses. It was such a fun day. I'm so glad you guys could come into town!!!

Jim said...

thanks Leslie for sharing your day. Sorry you forgot the camera for the balance of it.

Sunglasses were cute.

Also, concerning the fun box - I wish I would have thought of that when you were young and so impressionable!