Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boring Busy

We've been pretty busy around her lately, thus the absence of blog posts. It's the kind of busy you wouldn't want to read about. Boring busy. For instance, you wouldn't want to hear about the various errands I had to run last week, and all the planning I had to do for a combined YM/YW activity. I wouldn't want to recount it anyways.

I just wanted to say that we're all still alive and well. There might be a lot of changes happening in our lives soon, so stay posted for that.


amy said...

oh sure, leave us hanging as to your possible upcoming changes!
boring busy - i know exactly what you're talking about. if you need to appease the relatives, posting cute pictures of cute kids usually works!
i wish someone else would take over my 'boring busy' chores.

Boom said...

I guess I will have to call you!

Love, Mom