Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Women and Moodiness

I started walking every morning at 7:30 with some other ladies in my ward. It's fun, a nice little work out, and a good way to just get out and talk to adults. I've also been reminded that women are good sounding boards.

On this morning's walk/chat the topic of Abrahamic trials came up -- deep I know. We discussed how men's trials are more physically based. Like how they're more easily addicted to pornography than women. Women's Abrahamic trials are more mental. For instance, how it's hard for women, in general, to not let their hormones discern what mood they're in. The whole, mind over matter thing.

My matter is not being properly minded today. I've been having a "why me" day. I hate days like this. I keep telling myself to snap out of it, be grateful for my blessings, not get impatient with my children (especially a little two-year-old who's whining has hit a new level), and just choose to be happy. It's a lot more fun to be happy. I know this, so why do I keep slipping back into the "why me's" today? One of my walking partners reminded me that I am still considered postpartum, so it will take some time before I feel myself again.

That's another thing about women, we are good at reassuring each other that our personal neurosis are acceptable. After telling me that getting a little emotional at this time in my life is normal, one of my new walking partners then shared a story about herself that was similar to what I'm going through. It helped to know I'm not the only one struggling, and I was reassured that having a hard day is, in fact, normal. We all go through ups and downs. I've also learned that it's a good thing women are more emotional, because we can relate to each other, and we'll be there for each other. Even if it's just to lend a listening pair of ears at 7:30 in the morning.


Necha said...

:) Us women gotta stick together! :)

Jim said...


Great idea!

How far do you walk in the AM?


Andrea said...

I can so relate. Just what I needed to hear today. Thanks, Leslie!

Nana said...

Give yourself a little more time and that mood too will pass. It is part of what comes with having a baby. You are such a good mother to your children that some time we forget about taking care of ourselves. The kids are little for such a short time, they grow up so fast, so while they are little and you have to put up with a bad mood for a little while, try to understand the Lord gives you only what you can handle. It will pass, I've been there. When the kids are napping do something just for yourself, something that will make you feel good and don't feel guilty about doing it either.
Your morning walks are a good thing being with other friends and just enjoying adult conversation
helps a lot. I love you and your family and remember you and J J are wonderful parents.
God bless, Nana

*Abby* said...

Good news is up ahead with the whining 2 year old... Ellee's terrible whiney-ness hit at almost exactly 2 1/2 it lasted a few months and drove me and Devn crazy! But about 4 months later, she snapped right out of it and is now the best helper in the world and is so great... but a few months ago, I thought I was doomed to whining FOREVER!!! So all that to say... hang in there and don't pull out all your hair (or hers!), this too shall pass, I promise! There is hope!