Friday, August 28, 2009

When Daddy's Away

We too will play!

Jim's on a river rafting trip. He'll be back soon enough, but while he's gone I've been trying to find fun things to do with Tralee.

Last night Tralee and I went out for some ice cream, Hunter tagged along too but mostly just slept in his car seat. After ice cream, we stopped at Kohls since I had two coupons to use there. I let Tralee pick out a stuffed animal. She picked a gorilla. Whenever she usually plays with toys at a store, I make her put it away before we leave, and wave "bye bye" to it. This time, she kept trying to put the gorilla away after I already paid for it. She got mad when I told her she could take it home with her. I never heard of a kid crying because the parent actually got them something. Anyway, with my two coupons my total only came to seven dollars. Not to shabby since I also got a couple of outfits for the kids, and a pair of shoes for Tralee.

This morning we tagged along with one of my walking partners and her kids. They had to go milk goats at another member of our ward's house. I've never seen a goat getting milked before. Very fun. This house also had bunnies, kitties, dogs, a tire swing, and playground. Tralee was in heaven. I smiled when I watched her run as fast as her little legs could carry her, arms pumping, to the next activity -- so innocent and full of life.

This afternoon we went visiting teaching. The house we went to also had kitties, doggies, and a fenced in back yard. Tralee went out back with the animals and I didn't hear a peep from her up until we had to go.

We were invited over to someone's house tonight. Tralee will be able to play with their kids, and the women will watch an old Carey Grant movie. Sounds great to me! I said we'll go unless Tralee falls asleep before then. She hasn't been napping lately, and so she's been going to bed earlier. If Tralee doesn't nap today, I'll stay home, put her to bed early, and curl up in bed with a movie of my own. I've been renting chick flicks while Jim's away. I haven't been cooking or cleaning much either. Just the basics to keep my children taken care of. Actually, I did clean out my car this morning while Tralee ran around collecting leaves and sticks. Other than that, we've been having fun and relaxing. If Jim gets to go have an adventure with the boys, then the kids and I should be able to have some fun of our own.

Okay. . . off to TRY and take a nap. Hunter's sleeping, and after I put a show on for Tralee, I hope to get a few minutes of zzzz's. I don't sleep well at night when Jim's gone, thus my tiredness right now. Night night.


Boom said...

Sounds like a great day! Happy movie night!

Love Mom

Necha said...

The picture of the goats and the kittens and the tire swing that was painted in my head made me hope that the world is always THAT wonderful for my kids. :)