Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I feel lost today, or is it that this day was lost?

I skipped walking/jogging this morning, mainly because my kids (who usually wake up around 6 or 6:30) both slept in until almost 8:00! I couldn't bring myself to wake them up, for selfish reasons. Their sleeping in meant I could lay in bed and skip walking. The only downer was skipping this fourth step in our daily routine (1st say prayers with Jim, 2nd feed Hunter in bed while Tralee climbs in for her morning snuggles, 3rd get up and get ready, 4th go for walk/jog) ruined the rest of the day.

Here's how:

Normally when I get home from burning a few calories I really concentrate on keeping the rest of my day's habits healthy. Today a lot of sugar and sodium were consumed.

Also, when I exercise fourth thing in the morning, I feel energized and accomplish quite a bit the rest of the day, we stay on schedule, and things get done around here. I think I did one load of laundry today. Make that half a load. I still haven't switched it to the dryer.

So. . . you see I'm lost today. I don't feel too badly about it though, because I don't think I've had a day like this in a while.

To add to my day of being lost, I completely botched the dinner recipe. We're having salmon stuffed puffed pastry. I didn't read the directions closely enough and instead of sauteing the garlic and onions, I just put them inside the pastry raw. I thought it was weird as I was doing it, and even thought to myself, "This would taste so much better if I sauteed them before hand, but I better follow the recipe." It was only after the stuffed puffed pastry were in the oven for five minutes that I re-read the recipe and realized I skipped over a step: Saute garlic and onions and let cool. Oh well. Hopefully dinner will be edible, even if the onions are a bit undercooked.

I'll get with the program again tomorrow.


Amberly said...

your dinner sounds super yummy... please share the recipe if it turns out! sometimes it's ok to have a lazy day once in a while, although I, too, feel better about myself if I start my day with something physical.

JoAnn said...

don't be so hard on yourself, it sounds like a great day to me!!

Andrea said...

You haven't had one of those days in awhile? I have those every-other day!

Joni said...

Oh Leslie...I wish I could walk with you every morning! And having a lazy day is ok!

Audie said...

I hope your dinner still tasted yummy! Working out in the morning really does help with the healthy habit thing the rest of the day. However, lazy days are sometimes needed. In fact, next time you want a lazy day, call me!!

Boom said...

You sure have all the good food genes from both sides of the family. I wish we lived closer so you could have us over for dinner every week! Was that Salmon Puffed Pastry! Wow!