Monday, August 10, 2009

Hunter Talking

This video is mostly for Grammy Char Char. She's been asking for a video for some time now, so here it is! Try not to be too blown away by all the cuteness.


Nana said...

Oh, How I love watching Hunter trying to talk.
What I mean, he was talking I just don't know his language. I'll have to study up on it.
He is adorable and so healthy looking he must be fed very well, because he has a mom that watches out for that. Tralee and Hunter are Blessed with great parents.

Joni said...

Holy cow he's cute. I still think he's got the best smile ever.

Boom said...

Thank you! Thank you! He's wonderful! Now can I get one of the two children together? I'd like to see Tralee doing something.

Love Grandma Char

amy said...

wow, so cute!! i imagined if i had done that with my kids, they would have most definitely spit up.
i'm glad yours behave so much better, and proper.

Audie said...

What a cute little turd! I love little baby noises. They're so sweet!

Necha said...

Oh! I just want to kiss his little cheeks!!