Sunday, August 30, 2009

100 Miles Down the Salmon River

Jim returned home LATE Saturday night. Technically, it was early Sunday morning. He had three full days of paddling 100 miles down the Salmon River with his Uncle and some of his cousins. Jim had a blast.

The whole group AFTER the trip -- notice the broken paddles.
Adam, Dave, Zach, Rob, Jim

As far as the rest of these photos go, I don't know if they're in order. But, you get the general idea of the fun that was had by these five guys over the course of three days.


Going through some rapids

In the next three pictures it shows Adam and Rob jumping off this bridge. Jim had already jumped, so he grabbed the camera for the next few pictures.
Rob just hanging out
Rob is right in the middle of the picture in mid air. He's kind of camouflaged.

Adam is doing a back flip off the bridge. Again, you kind of have to look for it.

That's all folks!


Sam and Lacey said...

Is that Adam Hegstrom? I swear it is. His brother married one of my bestest friends from middle school/high school. Tell Adam hi for me!

Leslie said...

Yes it's Adam Hegstrom. He married Jim's cousin. Small world.

Aunt Debi said...

What a fabulous boys trip! The scenery is gorgeous! You are a good sport to take care of the home front while Jim is gone.

Stephen & Kendra said...

Wow! What a fun trip! Uncle David is going bald! Nener nener nener!