Saturday, September 5, 2009

Midnight Snack?

I made these from scratch the other night:

They were chocolate puff pastries with whipped chocolate cream filling, and dark chocolate ganache topping. I'm not a chocolate lover, but these were pretty darn good.

Just imagine yourself getting up for a snack. You wander into the kitchen, open the fridge, and this is staring you in the face:

What would you do?

Jim, Tralee, and I dove right in with recklessness. One time I wandered into the kitchen and found Tralee sitting at the table with three of these in front of her. She had licked off all ganache and had a face covered in chocolate. When she realized she got caught, all she did was look up at me, rub her tummy, and say, "Mmmmmm." I couldn't get too mad at her because I'm sure she was just indulging the same way she saw Jim and I do it.

After these babies were consumed I kicked up my daily walks to jogging and walking intervals. Later when I asked Jim, "I've stepped up my workouts, but I still haven't lost anything." His only response was, "chocolate eclairs" with a sorry-babe-they-got-to-you look on his face. Yup. Those darned eclairs must have canceled out any calories I burned on my daily jaunts. So, as good as those little devils were, I don't think I'll be making them again anytime soon. They were far too addictive.

That being said, I highly recommend them to any chocoholics out there.


Nana said...

Gosh Leslie to indulge in those treats and find out you did not lose any weight makes you really angry.

They look so delicious and you can make them again when there is a special treat needed. One where it would be, one for each person and then they are gone. Even on a diet you can indulge once in a while they say on all the diets.
You are certainly becoming an excellent cook and baker, hope it is my mother;s genes that you inherited, she was one of the best. Just be careful.
Luv, Nana

Meagan said...

Um...thank you for not posting the recipe for those. They look amazingly good. I hear you on the workouts. I am excited to start mine, but not so excited to leave sweets behind.

Boom said...

Tralee is beautiful! Hunter looks like a little chubby checker! When do I get another vidio?

You certainly did inherit some baking genes!

Are you going to try the Acie Berries and Colon Clense? Sounds interesting. Do you think it would be OK to do this while nursing?

Love Mom