Thursday, September 10, 2009

Holy Crap

My legs hurt. My little walking/running group and I have started doing strength training videos every other day. We walk/run the alternate days. Anywho. . . yesterday we did one of those p90X workouts for our arms and legs and o-boy do I feel it today. I can hardly walk. I still woke up early to walk, but it about killed me. I somehow powered through, and after my muscles warmed up it didn't feel so bad.

The thing is, this all feels really good. . . in a painful way. I know my body (hopefully) will thank me in a few months by allowing me to fit back into my favorite dress I haven't worn in I won't say how long. I'm so grateful for my fellow exercise partners. For without them, I think I would lay in bed every morning until the kids forced me to get up. The other positive that cancels out how sore I am, is how proud Jim is of me. He tells me all the time. It makes me feel good.

Now I have to go tend to my crying baby. . . that is if I can stand up.


Joni said...

YAY for working out. I started doing it daily again, and I'm way sore too, but it's awesome. keep it up Leslie!

Boom said...

You go girl! I was just reading about the importance of exercise for good health, mentally and physically in Encyclopedia for Natural Healing.

Love you,


I'm proud of you too.

Hannah S said...

I dont' recommend P90x to anyone who doesn't do it regularly bcse it is so intense. But I did bring the ab ripper one to our weekly workouts at Church and pretty much killed everyone. Tyler has started it again. He still moans in pain every morning as he tries to up his weight levels.
I can't wait to workout again.

Nana said...

Way to go Leslie, the more you do the exercises the less you will hurt.
I know when I shop for groceries they always want to help me to the car, but when I get home I have to handle it myself, so I always say no. I don't do things that might hurt me, I'm smarter than that, but if it comes to lifting all those groceries I do it. Gallons of milk, bottles of juice, packages of meat (roasts) containers of Tide etc. etc. I have a cart at home to put them in, but to transfer them when I get home and haul the cart upstairs to unpack it all. I figure it is exercise and I don't hurt. Thank heavens, don't over do just take it easy at first.
Good Luck.

Jodi said...

Good work Leslie! You almost inspire me... almost....

Jim said...

Yeh Leslie!!!!


Andrea said...

I'm working on that baby-weight too, Leslie. Keep it up!!!