Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gym Class

Every time we visit Jim's hometown in Canada, we visit the elementary school gym at least once to goof  around, let the kids burn off some energy, and show off our mad b-ball skillz -- that's right, skillz with a Z!  I'm down like that!  Here are a few pics of our last visit.

Two of my favorite homies.  Cassi and Tranny. They're my sistas from other mistas and mamacitas.  Sisters all the same!
Tranny pulled the munchkins around.  Too fun!
Baby Z pulling her mom along

I told Jim to show me his mad skillz.  Booyah!!
I was trying out my best dunking action shot face.  I was more worried about getting the intense face correct than actually making a basket and. . . . . I NAILED IT!  YES!!!!!!  Plus, the cat-shaped granny glasses and Irish hat I was wearing really helped me look more professional WNBA league-ish, right?  Like, I really knew my way around a B-Ball court.  Nothing screams, "I've got skillzzzzz" more than granny glasses, crazy Irish hats, and intense faces.  Don't mess with this hoopster I tell ya! 
John and Jim were both explaining the rules to 21. . . 
. . . They both thought they knew the rules better than the other brother.  All I know is,  if you put on your best dunking face (see the picture of me above), it doesn't matter if you make the shot or not. . . cause you automatically get 21 points for coolness!  True story.
Of course. . . the wee ones had to race.  Hunter did NOT like coming up short every race.  We finally let him get a head start, but those darned older kids' legs kept beating his three-year-old ones!  Not fair!

I'm pretty sure Zayah had both her Uncles under her complete control.  Don't worry, she didn't really rip off their heads and play basketball with them, I was just playing around with photoshop and wanted to try something.  

Here's what Baby Z was really doing.

Two of the cutest kids you'll ever see -- besides my own -- playing in the lockers.

So, there are a few pictures of our own personal Gym class.  Hands down, the best P.E. class I've ever been to.

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