Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Madness

While in Canada, Jim's dad told me that the phrase, "March Madness" had nothing to do with college basketball, but really had to do with Canada's bi-polar March weather.  I think he might have been right, as one day it started out overcast and rainy, then within a few hours the sun was shining and it was warm, and a few hours after that it started to snow.  MADNESS I tell you!  

The snow was fine with our little group, because Tralee and Hunter's Jacobs cousins live in Vegas, and don't see the likes of much snow.  Snow days were perfectly welcomed to our little group.  So, March Madness worked out well for us. . . snow and all!

Tralee, Lexi, and Brody playing in the snow

Fun with cousins!




Lexi and Tralee

You may notice the absence of Hunter and Brynli Jacobs.  Hunter isn't a fan of cold weather, and opted to stay inside this day.  However, I did make him come out and play on another snow day during our visit.  Brin couldn't make the trip.  Her two-year-old schedule wouldn't allow her to drive up to Canada, as she had some other important engagements occurring with her Aunt and Grandma.  Oh well.  Maybe next time Hunter and Brynli will get to experience March Madness together! 

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Looks like loads of fun!