Friday, March 22, 2013

Random WI Pics

Here are some photos from Wisconsin that didn't really didn't have a place to go in any other post.

Nana reading to Hunter

I flew in on Valentine's Day.  Jim and I hadn't seen each other in 20-something days at this point.  We were missing each other pretty bad.  We're not really big Valentine's people, but when I bouquet of flowers showed up for me at my brother's house, it sure made me feel special and loved!

My parent's at a Friday night fish fry up north Wisconsin.  We met a bunch of family here, and enjoyed the atmosphere, fish, and company.

The Miller Lite sign, the stuffed deer on the wall, the thick up nort' accents, and the smell of fish fryin' were all signs that we were in Wisconsin on a Friday night!

Hunter and Brady playing on ipads. . . .little nerds!  In their defense, it was like 9 degrees outside with a windchill of awfulness, so it wasn't like they could go outside and play.  They did break out of their ipad trance and wrestle, run around, and play other things every once in a while.

The kids and I shared an air-mattress.  Sometimes I would come up to bed and wonder how I would fit in there.

One of my favorite restaurants in Milwaukee.  My brother treated us to it one night.  Yummy!

Grammy Char Char reading stories to Hunter.

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