Sunday, March 31, 2013

Winter in Waterton

We drove up to Waterton one day whilst in Canada.  It was a wee bit chilly, but after seeing some sights, we made our way to the lodge to warm our bellies with some fine Canadian cuisine.  Jim and I helped ourselves to some poutine.  I have to have some every time we're in Canada.  I've said it before and I'll say it again; if I lived in Canada, I'm pretty sure I'd be a heifer   Canadian junk food is WAY better, and thus, far more tempting (and more likely to end up in my mouth) than American crap food.  I'm generally a fairly health conscience person, but that all goes away in Canada (sorry mom).   

I've also conclusionized (made up word), that it doesn't matter what time of year we visit the town of water, it's beautiful in any climate.  I'm beginning to see why Canadians love their native land so much.  The sights and food are pretty awesome. . . oh and the people are pretty great too!  
Cameron Falls

The John Jacobs family (minus Brynli)

Joni and her fiance Aaron

The Jim Jacobs family. . . nice face Stinks!

Tranny posing for pictures. . . and lookin' good!!  Ow! Ow!!


The whole gang at the lodge.
I would go back and do it all again. . . this was a good day!

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Boom said...

Nice!!!! I hope you keep visiting and don't live there if you would turn into a heifer. I like you better as a Leslie.

Love Mom