Friday, January 13, 2012

Tralee's Future

The other day I was looking at Tralee's baby book with her.  We're approaching birthday number five, and I'm not loving it.  My Stinky Tralinky is growing up too fast!  I was in the middle of thinking about how hard it will be to see her off to school this fall when she said this:

"Mom, I'm so glad you have this baby book to look at, because you're going to miss me when I grow up and move to California."  That wasn't all, she continued with, "And I'm glad you have Daddy's baby book, cause we're going to move to California together, and you're going to stay here, and when you miss us, you can just look at our baby books."

According to Tralee, she's going to marry her dad when she grows up, they're going to move to California, and play with their friends on the beach all day.  It's up to Hunter whether or not he wants to tag along, but I have to stay in Idaho and look after their baby books.

Since this discussion I have decided that Tralee is not aloud to turn five.  In fact, I've decide she must Benjamin Button herself and start aging in reverse.  She has to stay my baby forever.  That's all there is to it.


Necha said...

lol, how cute!

Boom said...

She could never leave her Mommy!