Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ready. Set. Jump!

My little Hunter is a jumper.  He's constantly jumping on and off of things.  It really doesn't matter what.  He'll take the couch pillows and cushions and set up a little jumping course for himself in the living room -- leaping from cushion to cushion.  Sometimes he just hops around the house telling me, "Mommy!  I'm a jumping bean!"  He's a little daredevil.

We're pretty used to Hunter's antics around here, but sometimes we forget that other people aren't.  There's usually a gasp when our company visits and sees Hunter leaping from the furniture.  They usually ask, "Is he okay!?!?"  He is.
Sometimes I have to stop a jump from happening.  They're just a little too dangerous at times, like when he thought jumping from the top of a flight of steep cement stairs in Park City, UT was a great idea.  I saw him prepping for the jump -- I swear this all went down in slow motion --  I screamed, "H U N T E R  N O O O O O !"  I frantically reached for the little turkey, but it was too late.  His legs were already set in motion, my finger tips barley grazed the back of his t-shirt as the rest of his little body flew down the five or six cement stairs.  In that one second, while Hunty was plummeting towards the landing, images of an ER visit filled my head.  In reality, Hunter landed perfectly, and just kept on walking, no doubt searching for his next stunt.  That flight of stairs was more than twice his height!  How on Earth did he land it perfectly?  No scratch.  No bruise.  No blood.  I'm pretty sure one of his angels helped him out.  Thank goodness!

I wonder if Hunter has a future as a stunt double.  I can just see him jumping off of buildings, out of airplanes, and doing any other number of things that will make his mother cringe.  Just as long as his angels will always be there to provide a soft landing, I'm okay with it.

Tralee wanted to show off her jumping skills too.

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Mary Ann Carlile said...

I'm pretty amazed with his jumping skills - that's pretty impressive! (and scary too!)