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Daddy's Home AND Santa Came? No WAY!!!

Oh yeah Baby!!!
Christmas Eve was spent prepping for the big day.  I cleaned just enough to make the house look presentable for Jim's return and for Santa's arrival, but mostly I wanted to spend the day playing with the munchkins.  They helped me cook, prepare the cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

Christmas Eve night the kids and I played with our little nativity set, while I told them the Christmas story.  I read some scriptures to them about the birth of Christ.  I think they're starting to understand that Christmas is about more than presents.  After learning about the nativity, I read and sang carols from a little Christmas book my Grandma Stoehr gave me one year.  I LOVE that thing!  The kids don't know many of the carols yet, but whenever they see the musical notes on one of the pages of our Christmas book, the request that I sing that song to them.  I couldn't make it through many of the songs without tearing up a bit.  It was a nice moment with my own little babes.

Once a few carols were sung, the babies' teeth were brushed, and they were put in their jammies.  I wrapped them each in a blanket, put them in the car, and we drove around the neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights.  Some people around here went ALL OUT!  There's one house who choreographed their lights to the beat of various Christmas songs that play outside.  That was our favorite house this year.  Every time we drove into our subdivision at night Tralee asked, "Can we go to the music house?"  

Hunter fell asleep on our little drive (that was my plan!) so I tucked him under his feather comforter when we got home, but Tralee was WIRED!!!  It took her until 10pm to finally conk out.  She was just WAY to excited that Santa AND Daddy were coming in the same night.  I asked her if she was more excited to see Daddy or see if Santa comes.  She answered, "Both!"

Once Stinks finally had visions of sugarplums dancing in her head, I was able to go downstairs and wrap, wrap, and wrap some more.  I even saw Santa come!  Shortly after Santa's visit I heard Jim's truck pull in the driveway!  CHRISTMAS WAS FINALLY HERE!!!!!  I had my husband home after 15 LOOOOONG days without him.  He just missed Santa's visit, but helped him finish off a few of the cookie crumbs!  Jim also helped me with all the finishing touches, and we finally got to bed around 2:30am.

Santa's cookies and milk, and carrots for the reindeer before and after.  Santa even left a note for the kids!!!
Christmas morning was magical.  I mean, check out Tralee's face when she rounded the corner from coming downstairs and saw that Santa had come:

I'm getting ahead of myself.  Here are the pictures of the kids waiting at the top of the stairs so Mommy and Daddy could get the cameras ready:

Hunter was still half asleep!  Tralee wasn't.  She was READY to get the show on the road!!

Hunty looking around at all the goodies.
After Santa visited.  Darn it!  I didn't have my camera ready when Santa was here!  Maybe next year!!

Hunter's present from Santa was this four wheeler.  So far, he's rode it once and didn't think much of it.  We're hoping he warms up to it soon.  Tralee, on the other hand, drives this thing around like a maniac!

A gift for Tralee Daddy brought home from his business trip

Once Hunter figured out there was candy in the stockings, he cared for little else.  I think he sat like this nibbling on chocolate for a good five minutes before we snapped him out of it.
Christmas kisses!!  Love this pic!

Some homemade gifts for Jim.  Two things I know about Jim:  1.  He believes in Sasquatches, you know, Bigfoot (I secretly love this dorky little feature my hubby comes equipped with).  Every time we drive to Canada he tells me, "Keep your eyes peeled, this is PRIME Sasquatch territory!"  I would like to say he's kidding around, but I'm pretty sure he's serious.  Also, anytime there's a doc-u about Bigfoot, Jim's mesmerized!  So, I made him the shirt.  2.  Jim loves the TV show The Office.  I find him frequently quoting from it, and this Dwight Shrute quotes is something he says quite often.  So, I painted a little piece of canvas and painted on the quote.  Jim says he's going to hang it in his office at work.  Jim also got a new WII game, a marshmallow shooter, and some other little goodies in his stocking.

The number one MOST played with toy Christmas morning and beyond was this marble game Jim and I made for the kids.  Jim built it, I painted it.  The kids love it!  HOORAY!  The 160 pack of marbles Hunty got from his Grammy Char Char and Grandpa Jim help keep the game well stocked.
Funny Christmas Story:  Tralee asked Santa for a "Rainbow Barbie House."  I told her I wasn't sure Santa's elves made a rainbow one.  Tralee assured me, "Santa can do it!  You'll see!"  So, a few nights before Santa visited, "Santa" stayed up late painting rainbows onto cardboard to put onto a Barbie Dream House.  Christmas morning came around and when Tralee saw the Barbie house with rainbows I said, "it's a Rainbow Barbie House!"  Without missing a beat Tralee turned to me and said, "See Mom!  I told you Santa would do it!"  A few second later she rubbed it in a bit further by saying, "I guess you were the wrongest mom in the world, huh?"  We got it on video.  Someday when she's up late painting rainbows or doing some other ridiculous thing to make sure her four-year-old's Christmas is magical, I will reminder about the "wrongest mom in the world" comment!  :)
The post-Christmas mess
Every year we have the same menu for Christmas Brunch.  I grew up going to my Nana's for Christmas brunch.  She started making it 34 years ago.  My Grandpa Eugen's very last Christmas on Earth was the first time Nana served Christmas brunch at her house.  She's been doing it ever since.  Since our little family can't make it to Nana's for Christmas Brunch, I make it myself.  Christmas isn't Christmas without Nana's Christmas Brunch.

Menu For Christmas Brunch

Frozen Peaches thawed and served in their syrup
Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze
Kielbasa (served with ketchup and horseradish)
Crepes with a creme filling and raspberry sauce
Quiche Lorraine
Cherry Kringle
Monkey Bread (or some other delish baked good.
Nana usually does cranberry bread.
My Aunt Mary also makes some little Polish Apple baked item.)

We always serve Christmas Brunch with something bubbly to drink.  Here's how my meal turned out:

Our little family before we sat down to partake of Christmas Brunch in Idaho
The rest of our Christmas was spent going to church, eating, playing with our new toys, spending time as a family, talking to our extended family on the phone, and relaxing.  It was PERFECT!!!!  I hope everyone else's Christmas was just as memorable and magical!

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