Tuesday, December 6, 2011


This post is mostly for Grammy Char Char who has been begging me for some new pictures of her adorable grandbabies.  She bought these little outfits for said babies, and they look super cute in them.  But wait!  These pictures are not all!  Scroll down and there are a few little Tralee and Hunter-isms I didn't want to forget about.

Tralee has been into wearing, "A plain long sleeved shirt without anything on it."  She thinks wearing this will make her look more like a kitty cat, because "kitties don't have stuff on their fur."  The only downside to this is that Tralee only has a few plain, long-sleeved, shirts without any designs or emblems on them.  So, we're constantly negotiating which outfits she should wear.  She's also been wearing one of my belts around her belly for the last three days.  It's her kitty tail, in case you were wondering.

While we were at church on Sunday Hunty climbed into my lap, gave me a squinch, and said, "You're the best mommy."  I responded, "You're the best Hunty."  He then added, "Aw!  We're both the best!" I would have to agree.

Another Hunter-ism happened the other day when I told him it was time to go brush his hair.  As I was carrying him to the bathroom he said, "We have to brush my hair so I can say, 'Ow!  Ow!  Ow!'"  I don't think it hurts when I comb through Hunty's feathery short hair.  I DO think he's observed me wrestling the tangles out of his sister's hair a time or two.  She yells"Ow!" through the whole hair-doing process.  I suppose Hunter thinks you have to say, "ow!" whenever your hair gets brushed.

The last Hunty-ism happened the other day whilst I was changing him (I know, I said I would potty train him in November. . . yeah, that didn't happen.  But it will happen soon!)  While I was changing the little stinker, he pointed to his you-know-whats and told me, "don't forget about my grapes."  GRAPES?!  We've never called them grapes before -- but now that's all we CAN call them.

Sometimes Hunter wants to get a hug.  If I go in for a kiss too, he'll pull away and say, "No!  Just hugs!"  After we're done hugging he'll look at me and command, "Now a kiss!"  After we give each other some kissies, Hunter will grab both of my cheeks in his sticky little paws, pull my face into his and tell me to, "Squish noses."  He likes to smoosh our noses together.  Sometimes that's all his wants, "No hugs!  No kisses!  Just squish noses!"  I love to squish noses with Hunter!  I highly recommend a good nose squish every now and again.

Silly kids.  Silly, cute, adorable, funny, drive-me-crazy kids!

Now I have to get back to making stuff for the craft fair I'm doing this Friday and Saturday.

Mom, I hope that helped satisfy your grandchild cravings for a few days!  Love you!

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