Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Night Out on the Town!

My friend Audie and I are single moms a lot.  Our husbands travel for work, and just like last holiday season, they were both gone again this year.  So, just like last year, we planned a night out with the kids to eat at some place yummy, hang at the mall, and let the kids visit Santa.  We hit up Chipotle first, noshed on some food (guac and chips -- yum city!), went to the mall, noticed that the line to see Santa was ridiculously long, so we window shopped, bought some cinnabons (Have they changed their recipe?  They were not as good as I remember!), then went back to check on the Santa line.  We thought all the responsible parents would have taken their kids home and put them to bed at that point so we could hog Santa all to ourselves.  Nope.  The line grew since we first checked, so we decided we better get in it before it got any longer.  

Hunter was a little stinker while we waited.  Actually, he was a pretty normal two-year-old boy.  He did NOT want to sit still and wait in line when there was a whole huge mall to run around and explore.  I chased him around quite a bit.  Finally, towards the hour-long-wait (are we crazy for waiting that long?  It was either wait, or leave with a bunch of disappointed kids.  We waited), I strapped Hunty in the stroller while listening to him protest his trap.  Of course, when we excited the "North Pole" the line was completely empty.  Oh well.  Here are some pics from our night out:
Tralee waiting in line

Baby Anson.  Isn't he cute?  He's a handsome little nugget!

The kids and Santa.  Don't they all look SO EXCITED!  Sense the sarcasm.  At least Tralee is smiling a bit.

We got TWO smiles! 

Everyone got a book from Santa.  They wanted to read them right away!

Overall, it was a fun night, even with the long line.  Plus, Santa brought all our kids what they asked for, so it's a good thing we decided to wait to see him!

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