Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wet Clothes

Our dryer broke. . . AGAIN!  This is the fourth time in two years that it's on the fritz.  It's the second time within a month that it broke.  We bought it from a used appliance place that had positive reviews.  We got, what I thought, was a pretty great deal.  I guess it was all too good to be true.  Two weeks after we bought it, the dryer's heating element stopped working.  Luckily the dryer was still under warranty, but two years later the dryer has broke down three more times.  We also bought a freezer from said company, and wouldn't you know it, one month passed this company's warranty the freezer broke.  They wanted to charge us $200 to fix it.  That's how much we paid for it in the first place.  Needless to say, we're not heading back to this used appliance place. . . EVER!  I'm not even sure we want to fix the dryer again at this point.  It might be time to bite the bullet and buy a new one.  With four people and a dog, we kind of need a dependable laundry room.  What I would REALLY like is a little number like this:

Aren't they pretty?  I bet they're as functional as they are beautiful.  Hold on, I need a second to wipe the drool off my face.  Santa, if you're listening, how about this red LG front loading washer and dryer set under the Christmas tree?  I've been pretty good this year.  Actually, I probably could have been better.  Awe shucks!  Maybe next year.

While I'm in dream mode, how about a laundry room that looks a little something like this: 

Are those two washer and dryer sets I see?  I hope the laundry-doer/s in this family know/s how lucky he/she/they are.  Isn't it funny how excited you can get over appliances when you're the one that actually uses them?

Or this:

So pretty and fresh.
Check this little beauty out:

I would even love something like this if it meant the dryer worked:
The lady is pretty fantastic, isn't she?  I love all the pink!

So, we're currently on the market for a new dryer.  We're hoping to find an amazing deal on a reliable dryer (fingers crossed).  If you have any tips on where to score a great deal, let me know!  Hopefully I won't get any recommendations to the used appliance place I've sworn off.  That would be kind of funny.

Oh. . . and Santa (if you're still listening), if I someday get my dream washer/dryer set, I'll dress up like the lady pictured above to match my set every time I wash (well, maybe not every time. . . but definitely the first).  I probably won't look as fab as she does though.  I don't have a hat anywhere close to the awesomeness of Lady Kenmore's.

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