Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Busy Bees

We're buzzing around over here, getting ready for C-day.  There's been Christmas parties to attend, lists made and checked twice, and a whole lotta fa-la-la-ing.  It's all great fun, but not a whole lot of time for me to sit and sip wassail whilst reading Dickens's A Christmas Carol, and listen to a fire crackle in the background (if only we had a fireplace, I might put our buzzing on hold and actually do just that).

I have made some crafty little things, and one ultra awesome gift for some people that I'm super excited about.  The only problem is, said gifts and said people all read my bloggity-blog-blog, and I would hate to steal the surprise away from Christmas.  So, no pictures of my creations. . . yet.  Maybe when our jingle-bell-induced buzzing comes to a halt will I take a moment to share some crafty photos.  Until then, take a look at my two best creations:

I love his little tired eyes in the morning.

She was waiting for me to read Olivia to her.  I was snapping pictures instead.  Eventually Olivia's adventures in Italy were read.  That being said, how come a pig and her family get to go to Italy, and my family and I haven't been there yet?  That needs to be remedied.  Plus--spoiler alert--we won't leave Venice in ruins like a certain O-named pig!

I just like this one.  Don't you wish you could hang out with her everyday?  I'm one lucky mama!  And sometimes, I'm one tired mama who wants to pull her hair out, but mostly I'm just lucky.

Four more days!!!

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