Monday, April 8, 2013

Better Late Than Never Video

I was organizing this year's pictures and videos on my computer, and realized a have A LOT of videos that are just sitting here on the computer.  I need to start doing something with them, or at the very least putting them on DVD's as-is, so that we're more apt to watch them from time to time as a family and get all sentimental and goopy.  There is a lot of cute footage of my wee ones that I don't want to loose. . . or forget about.  I probably won't get to all the videos anytime soon, and probably won't post them all publicly on the web, but I did want to share the newest vid I made of all the clips from our Hawaii trip.  I started with the Hawaii videos because the memories are still pretty fresh, and I'm pining for some tropical weather.  The video is eight minutes long, and I certainly don't expect anyone to sit and watch it for eight minutes, but I did want to put it on this here blog so that my most loyal blog viewers (Hi Mom!  Hi Nana!) get the chance to watch it if they want. 

So here it is:

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Boom said...

Oh Yes!!! Many thanks!

Love you!