Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finally -- Jim had to deal with it!!

Jim took the kids out with him last night.  I opted to stay home, pick up, and enjoy some time to myself.  I think I made the right choice, keep reading to find out why.

On their outing Jim took the kids for frozen yogurt at our usual fro-yo destination, and then to a neighboring thrift store to peruse one man's junk.  While walking the isles together a rather corpulent lady happened upon my trio.  Hunter trailed behind Jim and Tralee -- per usual -- which gave him ample time to size up this curvaceous lady and announce to her (and the surrounding patrons). . . . 

"You look fat!"

Yup.  Hunter committed his first faux pas.  Listening to Jim re-tell the story reminded me of this post about Tralee, which now gives me a good chuckle, but at the moment made me want to pretend like my child belonged to someone else.  I think Jim experienced similar feelings as his first reaction was to say, "HUNTER!!!" in his most dogmatic voice -- you know the voice; the deep voice of impending doom that is beholden only to fathers.  Hunter rushed to Jim, where he was promptly swooped up, carried off where no one else could hear them, and then given a quick talk about politeness.   

When I first heard this story, I will admit, my first reaction was to look at Jim with relief in my eyes and giddily say, "FINALLY!  It happened to YOU!!!"  I didn't have to be the red-faced parent dealing with a faux pas!!  After my initial glee wore off, I had my own little talk with Hunter about what it means to be a gentleman.  

Jim and I both admitted that we were never mad at Hunter for saying what he did.  He's three, and was just observing what he saw.  He didn't say what he did to be rude or mean, because he didn't know calling an ample-bodied woman "fat" was/is rude or mean.  However, after a few discussions on politeness, now he knows.  I'm pretty sure (fingers crossed) that no one will be called fat, ugly, smelly, stinky, old, or gross around here from now on.  Adjectives like pretty, smart, funny, silly, nice, sweet, and kind are free game though!   

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Boom said...

Your children have some of the Charlene genes I believe!