Friday, May 10, 2013

Semi Recent Happenings: iphone Photo Plop

We've been busy lately.  We've had field trips, preschool, dentist visits, doctor visits, playgroups, birthdays parties, and all the regular shenanigans to keep us busy this month.  Thus, there have been very few blog posts as I haven't sat down at the computer all that much latley!  Since I want to document all of our comings and goings, I decided to plop all the recent pictures from my phone onto this here blog post to make sure most of the above mentioned events were shared in the blogosphere.  

So here are about forty-thousand pictures to keep you occupied if you're looking for something to mindlessly browse. . .  

Lots of horsey rides happen on a regular bases

I found this bird sitting on its "nest" in Hunter's room.  I lifted up the bird and found three eggs in its nest.

Bath time. . . he loves his baths

When Jim was out-of-town a few weekends ago, the kids and I decided to busy ourselves with watching The Croods in 3D together.  Fun stuff.  

After the movie we came home and took Corky for a walk.

Below are some more regular everyday pictures:

Hunter rubbing "da mo."  I've mentioned before that I have a mole on my arm that Hunty rubs for comfort.  Here he is watching tv with da mo.  

This girl swings on the monkey bars non stop.  Her hands will blister over and over again, but she won't stop.  This is pretty much all she does as recess.

Times are always better when Daddy's home!

I put pictures of our little trip up to McCall up already.  Here's a picture from the night before.  We had been swimming all night with the kids in the hotel, and they were plumb tuckered out!

Some more random photos:

Nice lips

We were trying on hats at the store.  He rocks a good hat!

Hunty getting a haircut

On our way to Muffins with Mom

Playin' in the rain

Hunter took these pictures of me at Muffins with Mom, and was so proud of them.  I look fab, I know!

A few weekends ago Jim drove us all up to Leslie Gulch.  I spelled it Leslie Gultch on Facebook and Instagram and Jim made fun of me for DAYS!  I swear I thought Gulch had a "t" in it.  Oh well.  Here are some pictures we took during our visit there.  We hiked up a little trail, and found a perfect grassy spot to picnic (and do a little smoochin') on.

One of our many attempts at a family shot

I posted this one on instagram with the caption:  Which couple laying in a field is your favorite?  #mydoglovesmyhusabdmorethanme  I think Corky and Jim won.

Below are some more (you'll never guess) PICTURES!! 

I am SOOO excited that Tralee is becoming such a good reader!  She wanted to take a book along when we were running errands.  It made my heart so happy to look in the back seat and see her reading!
Hunter's little pre-school group took a field trip to the zoo.  We had a great day there! 

Come and get it goats!

My little chicken in his egg

A picture a sent to Jim whilst he was on the road.  I just did my hair and make-up and wanted to proof that I'm not always lookin' scrubtastic.

The new park by our house finally opened.  Hunter was pretty pumped up about it!

I sent Tralee to school with some book fair money.  She came home with this little beauty, as well as a book.  She loves this poster and hung it oh-so-proudly in her room right away.  She spent several minutes just staring at it as if it was modern-day Picasso or something.

I've  been running lately   Usually I just have Hunter in the jogger, but this day I had to take both kids due to Tralee's flat bike tire, and some bad planning on my end.  It was not easy to push 90 lbs of children on this jog.  Also, I wonder what it would be like to go running without pushing a jogger?  I should try it sometime.

Playgroup at our house.  They're making necklaces.  Hunter has a hard time being the only boy sometimes.

Right after Tralee lost her other front tooth.  She looks adorable with that big empty space!  Jim thinks she looks like Mad Madam Mim in this picture.  Haha!

Thank goodness for modern day technology.  Stinks could show Jim her lost tooth just minutes after she lost it, even though he was thousands of miles away!!
So there you have it!  A plethora of our latest events.  Hopefully these pictures will keep my most loyal blog viewers (Hi Nana!  Hi Mom!  Love you both!) satisfied for a while.

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It is about time! I was starving for pictures and commentary! Thanks!