Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I want to wish all the wonderful women who have inspired, blessed, and served our little family over the years a very happy Mother's Day.  We love you all and send our love!! 

May all the wonderful, caring, selfless mothers of the world who have served their children first while their meal got cold, spent all night pacing the floor with a sick baby, cleaned bodily fluids off their shirts, couches, floors, bedding, and cars too many times to count; to all the mothers who have sung nursery rhymes more times than The Wiggles, spent countless hours wanting to bang their head against the table while helping their child with homework, gone through 6,103+ paper towels wiping exploding juice boxes and/or spilled milk off the kitchen floor; to all the mothers who have listened to thousands of knock-knock jokes, stories that made no sense, and other silly quandaries so many times they actually become hilarious to you as well; and to all the moms who have answered "why?" more times than the sun has set, and who have realized in the simple smile, hug, squeeze, or butterfly kiss of their child/children that doing the above mentioned was completely worth every sacrifice; to all those mothers I hope you have a VERY WONDERFUL AND BLESSED MOTHER'S DAY!!!!

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Boom said...

Nice Job Leslie! I wish you a Happy Mother's Day too!

Love Mom