Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Random Happenings

Here are a few random pictures of some happenings around here. . .

Tralee lost another tooth.  She actually let me pull this one out!  Here is here letter to the tooth fairy.

Playing at the park

One morning Hunter was missing Daddy, so we gave him a call.  While on the phone Jim said, "If you miss me, just come and see me!"  Next thing I knew, Hunter was opening the garage door, climbing on his four-wheeler, and cruising down the road on his way to visit Daddy. . . all in his undies!

The kids new obsession has been rock hunter for the perfect rocks to make pet kitties out of.

When Jim's out-of-town I let my babies sleep with me.  I love it!  They're so squishy and cuddly.  One morning I woke up and snapped this picture.

Hunter helping me vacuum.  Tralee was giving him so vacuuming advice and his reply was, "I'm a super hero you know. I can handle it!"

We had preschool at our house the other day.  The topic was Water: Sink or Float.  So, we set up some water experiments for all the kids to do.  We were going to do it outside, but the weather was chilly and rainy.  Oh well.

So. . . there you go.  Some recent random happenings around this joint.  I'm sure there will be many more to come. . . 

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