Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not Up to Much

Things have gotten back to normal since Grandma Charlene has left us. The first morning she was gone I came down to our kitchen and wondered why it wasn't spotless. Every morning my Mom was here I would come downstairs to a spotless kitchen. Oh well, I guess I need to start cleaning again. So sad!

Last night I went to the Y. I worked out on my own, and then went to a pilates class. I liked it, but I think I like yoga better. Perhaps it was because of the pilates instructor that I didn't like it all that much. She was kind of laid back, and I didn't really feel like I got that great of a workout. It was okay, but I think I'll stick to yoga and my own routine. I still have more classes to try out though.

I was going to go to a yoga class this morning, but I woke up too late to go. Jim woke me up by saying, "Hey Hippie, are you going to yoga or not?" I said I wouldn't be today, perhaps tomorrow.

Nothing else is going on. The foundation is being poured for our house on Chicken Dinner Road today. That's exciting! There's still kind of a lot to do before the house feels like a home, but we're getting there.

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